Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 40: Stay With You

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After a series of examination, Frieze was shifted to the private ward of the hospital. Idri was in panic all
time. She had not opened her eyes till now and he is worried. Simon still did not show his soft side to
Idri. David and Rose soon reached the hospital too. Seeing her pale face, Rose slapped Idri. His one
cheek was already red and swollen because of Frieze's slap earlier. Now, the other side was reddened
too although not swollen. He stood there motionless waiting for her to speak, "What did you do again?
Do you wish for her death?"

Idri could not say anything. The nurse on the other side requested not to fight in front of the patient as
she may wake up anytime and she seemed to be in emotional stress already. She needs to be given a
positive environment. David walks up to his son and ask gently about what happened. He hugged him
quickly as he came closer and told him everything. Simon continued whatever he witnessed. Hearing
this, Rose was already weak on her legs. Teresa helped her sit on a chair that was next to Frieze's bed.

All stood still in silence looking towards the patient. The nurse entered after a while with a few
injections and Idri quickly held Frieze's hand. He told the nurse, "She is afraid of injections. Please be

She nodded feeling weird how he mentions about her fear while the patient is not even in concious
state. Everyone saw his concern and sadness in his eyes. He was going crazy. He was getting
succumbed to his guilt and regret. After the nurse was done with the dips and regular check up, she
informed everyone that the visiting hours were over and only one attendant can stay. David was quick
to reply, "Take care of your wife son. This can only be your last chance."

Idri had a tear falling down his cheek which he wiped quickly. He did not eat or sleep well ever since
she left his house. He looked weak too. Simon called the cafeteria to bring some noodles and soup to
the ward for him. Everyone left leaving Idri behind. All eyes were of that of encouragement telling him
to correct his mistake. While Frieze lay on the bed clueless about her surrounding, Idri called Tony.

"Hello Sir, at your service." Tony robotically answered the call.

"Find out what was Dori doing all these three years, her affairs if any and I know she has a fashion
designing business in California. Bankrupt her and make sure she goes back there for at least a month.
No mistakes and no evidences should be left on who did all this."

"I will get it done immediately."

Meanwhile Dori reached home. Julie opened the door and greeted her. She did not even look at her
and casually walked up to Idri's bedroom. It was locked. She knocked several times but there was no
answer. She called out Julie. Julie responded, "Idri Sir has shifted all your belongings to the guest
room. He said you are not allowed to enter his room and hence, it was locked by him before he left for

Dori was surprised hearing Julie. She asked her to leave. She did not believe her and dialled Idri's
number. She assumed that it was his parents who are plotting against her trying to kick her out.

Seeing Dori's call, a gasp of anger spread across his face. He must be calm to fully trap her in her
wrongdoings. He received the call, "Hey,"

"I am back home darling. I miss you. You know your parents are not letting me into your room. They
have locked it. All my belongings have been shifted to the guest room. I cannot stay with your ex-wife
there. What if she fights with me?"

"Frieze left home. You can be in the guest room until I come back. I am on a business trip. We will talk
about this matter soon."

She was happy and her smile was glowing hearing that Frieze left the house. Now, soon she was
hoping that she would become the new Madam in the huge mansion. She came back to her senses

and spoke in a neutral tone, "I can't wait to see you soon. Good Night."

Idri disconnected without saying a word. She still decided to adjust to things and once he is back, she
would propose the plan for a wedding. Idri called Tony again and this time, he was colder "I want her
out of my house by tomorrow and send off the retirement benefits to Mr. Kane. I will transfer the
shopping center project to you and your brother can be my driver plus bodyguard. Do it soon."

Tony was in panic. It was too soon to execute the plan. But, he had orders to follow. He replied with an
okay and before he could say anything, Idri hung up the phone. He switched off the phone and lay
down next to Frieze on her bed. He hugged her to sleep while she was still in unconscious. After a long
time, he felt a sense of peace. He was holding her like he was a child holding his mother. He planted a
kiss on her cheek and brought her body closer to his. He felt relaxed and his eyes were heavy already.
He quickly slept off instantly.

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