Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 48: You Are Making Me Angry

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The next morning, Frieze stretches her hands and legs while her eyes are still close. She feels her
hand hit a strong chest. As she opened her eyes, she could see a shirtless Idri sleeping next to her.
She immediately checks her clothes and bottoms if she still have them in her body.

"Phew" She gave a heavy sigh of relief.

Idri seemed to notice her actions and understood clearly.

He spoke while pretending to keep his eyes closed, "It is not good to think dirty early morning you

Frieze was shocked to hear him speak and her cheeks instantly turned red. She spoke angrily while
being half seated on the bed and jerks him telling him to get up too.

"What are you doing in my bed?"

"Your bed? Well I was sleeping with my wife."

"I am not your wife."

"Are you suffering from dementia? I can remind you immediately and bring back your memory." He
smirks at her. Understanding the meaning, she hits him with a pillow, "You pervert!"

"I am being a pervert with my wife. Not you."

Jerking him again, "How dare you sleep here? Get out or I will kick you now and throw you out of the

"I was sleeping like a good boy until you came close to me and leaned on my shoulders to sleep. Kick
yourself first."

"Stop lying. I can never touch you."

"You touched everything of mine. I don't remember if you spared anything."

"You!!!! You are being too indecent. You cannot talk this way to someone you are not related to
anymore." She gets out of bed and checking her clothes one last time, she picks her bathrobe from the
hangar and walks into the bathroom.

Idri just grins looking at the bathroom door. He murmurs to himself, 'Stop thinking dirty and prepare
breakfast before the wounded tigress is out.'

He lazily gets up from the bed, and walks to the kitchen while still in his boxers. He was turned on early
morning and he could not control it himself. He didn't care if she sees something unusual in his boxers.
He immediately opens up the refrigerator to pick a few vegetables and puts them to boil after tactically
chopping them to pieces. He boils some rice too and adds the boiled vegetables into it. He then pours
water and some spices. He quickly smells the strong aroma that is reaching his nose from the vessel.
Feeling satisfied, he looks towards Frieze's room thinking she would come running when she smells
the beautiful aroma that has reached almost every corner of the house.

Upset that she is not out yet, he gives one last look at his vegetable rice and pours it into two bowls.
Looking towards the room from time to time and not seeing her yet was making him impatient. He
placed two glasses of juice on the table and walked up to the bedroom. He leans against the door while
he watches her put on her shoes. She is all set in her formal dress and he could guess she is heading
to office. She is busy grooming herself that she does not notice him standing at the door. He gets
irritated and speaks, "How can you not get excited when your husband prepares you breakfast?"

Frieze speaks robotically, "You are not my husband. You did not tell me you are preparing breakfast.
Where is your attention to details skills?"

"We are at home. Don't give me office shit. Can you please come and eat. You are making me starve."

"If you are starving, you can eat."

"Are you giving me the permission to eat you?" He bites his lips looking seductive.

She picks her wet bathroom and throws at him.

"Eat breakfast you devil whatever you cooked. I am not food. Pervert!."

He goes up to her, holds her wrist and drags her out of her room. He pulls the chair for her. She frowns
but her stomach growls immediately the moment the smell of the rice reaches her. She feels hungry in
an instant and she starts eating. Idri feels satisfied with her obedient behaviour for a change. He sits
opposite her watching her with every bite he takes.

"Stop looking at me."

He chuckles, "I am looking at my wife. Not you."

"You don't have a wife."

"The law demands proof."

She then remembers that she has not received a copy of the divorce papers yet. She told Simon to
send it to her but she started wondering what was the delay behind it. She gave an evil look to him and
thought if Idri was behind the delay. She typed a text message to Simon asking him to send the copy of
the divorce papers.

She confidently replies with a sarcastic smile, "You will have proof soon. The food is good. Hope I will
be alive by day end. You can go back to your mansion."

"Why will I go back? You need to pay me for taking care of you but in my own way."

"What do you mean? Don't expect anything dirty from me."

"Now who is thinking dirty. You pervert wife of mine!" He winks at her. She instantly gets angry. She
goes back to her room, picks up her bag and gives him one last angry look, "You are making me

He watches her back as she leaves. She laughs at himself and stands up to head to the room. He calls
up Julie, "Hi, can you come over and clean this new home of Friezie. There are dishes to be washed
too. Tony will bring you here and I will hand over the key. You need to also prepare dinner for both of
us. Prepare all her favourites. Also, I have done all of this okay? No one should know you cleaned or
cooked. It should appear like I have done it. You should leave the house in two hours time without a
trace of your arrival here."

Julie on the other side, "I understood Sir. Everything will be done as per your requirements and no one
will know about it."

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