Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 49: The New Personal Assistant

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Idri stood up and went to her room. He still feels happy at the fact that he still lives with her even
though she does not stay with her. This is the first time in his life that he ever ran after a girl like this. He
ran after her before marriage and still running after her after marriage. The thought of this makes him
laugh and even upset at the same time. He still needs a lot of strength and hard work to ammend the
damage he has done to her. He quickly took a cold shower to rest his desire and Tony was already
waiting to pick him up.

Meanwhile, Frieze was in the car with Peter and Alex wondering why did Alex park the car in Idri's
company's parking lot. Seeing his office, she felt even more irritated as it reminded her of today's show
at home.

"We are getting late for office. Why are we here?" Frieze asked with curiosity.

Peter replied before Alex could speak, "This is our office. We just got transferred. Your first day here.
We are in our third day of work."

"Transferred? What transfer?"

Alex reminded her, "Don't you remember in the hospital I told you that your husband is our new boss.
He transferred our role to this office. Simple. Now, let's go before we get too late."

Frieze didn't move a muscle. She was frowning. She dropped a text to Idri, "You transferred me just
because you are my boss now? I hate you."

Idri was drying his hair when he heard a beep from his phone. He paused to look and saw her text. He
replied instantly to her, "This was my plan right before marriage. Since you are not obedient, I need to
take decisions for us you see. See you soon my love."

As she got out of the car and entered the elevator, she read the text from him. Her hand turned into a
fist immediately. Peter headed to his office while Alex showed her the new office where she would be
working. She was surprised to see that the door Alex opened for her to enter is Idri's office. She had
questioning eyes and Alex was not ready to answer yet.

She did not speak either and entered his office. Two ladies stood there with bouquet of flowers and a
box of chocolates welcoming her to the office. One of them greeted.

"Welcome Mrs.Frieze. We are really happy to finally see our Boss's wife. Happy working in the

"Nice to meet you. If there's anything please do let us know. Just dial 304 from the intercom, we will be
here at your service."

She was still surprised as the ladies gestured her towards a desk opposite Idri's desk. It was exactly
similar to his cabinet furniture. The ladies handed her the flowers and chocolates and left. Things were
happening too fast and she did not understand whatever was happening right in front of her. Alex finally
broke his silence and clarified, "So you see. Hope you like your new office that you will be sharing with
your husband and our boss. You are his new personal assistant."

Frieze eyes opened wide, "What? You can't be serious. How can my role just change without my
concern plus am not interested to be his assistant. I don't want that man around me."

"I understand but you have your contract of one and a half years more. Just adjust for this period and
you can very well resign. Don't worry. It is just for a short while."

As she was going to say something to him, Idri opened the door and entered with a broad smile. He
patted Alex's shoulder "Good Job. Thank you for giving my wife some company while I was away. You
can get to work now. I can handle her."

Alex gave a mischievous smile to him and said while looking at Frieze, "She is all yours."

Frieze bit her lips and gave a sharp look at Alex. She will remember this. He set her up. Alex's smile
was gone and quickly strode back to his office. Idri walked close to her and spoke innocently, "Hope
you like our office darling. You can't break the contract and pay me 20 million. I have made a few
amendments to the contract of yours. You will work here for two years and previous work's in the old
company does not count under this two year period. This also means you are no way going out of my
sight. You can fantasize me all day long you know."

Frieze got angry and pointed her finger at him while she spoke, "You cannot decide things for me. I
don't want to work with you. You are a dictator. I didn't know you will be like this. The Idri I knew was a

Idri felt a sharp knife hit his heart. He cleared his throat and she can see his sadness in his eyes but
ignored it completely turning her back towards him. Idri kept calm, came back to his senses, "If you
violate the contract, 20 million is the compensation. You can't ask your parents as your dad is already
paying your mom's fees. It is a big amount for him. My parents will no way help since their money is in
the form of a family account. Simon is saving for his future children. You cannot be selfish right. The
only option is to work as per the contract obediently."

He walked closer to her hugging her from the back, "Mr. Kane has retired. You need to handle the
shoping center project and it is already on papers. Any problem with the project, the investors will come
for you. This also means there could be additional compensation apart from the 20 million."

She looked at him with hatred. "Money is power and you are playing with me using your wealth. I hate
the day I met you." She pressed her lips in anger.

"Darling, why did you leave me. We could had talked through and even now you are being a stubborn
wild cat. Let's be in peace with each other alright. Don't hate me so much. All I want is mad love from

you." He starts kissing her neck. The next moment she releases herself from his grip and walks to the
desk to sit down holding her forehead with her hand. She is clueless about what to do.

Idri turned to her and spoke calmly, "The shopping center documents are in your drawer. The details
are mentioned and let me know in case of any doubt. The investor meeting is next week. You should
be ready with the details by then. Teresa is pregnant. Simon is off for the day. Maybe you can call her
up later in the afternoon and check on her health. She was not feeling well last night." One last look at
her, seeing her still without any response, he prepares a cup of coffee and leaves it on her desk. He
walks up to his desk and begins reading the files in front of her glancing at her beautiful face from time
to time.

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