Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 47: Idri Is Upset

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Frieze is already asleep and I lay next to her. I don't think she even realises that I am next to her and to
a worst level understanding, she does not care if I exists. I still feel a cold aura radiating strongly from
her. I cannot believe that it is coming from the woman I love and whose heart I have broken into pieces
for a whore. I think I have lost her but I am not willing to accept. I am not willing to give up on her either.
It hurts badly when the love is all gone. She does not want me around and this upsets me. I will be
staying with her even if it's forever. She cannot leave me. I will revert everything that was once a

For Dori, she better be behind the cell soon. I will ban her from coming to this city. She already ruined
her reputation and I have ruined her business. She made a big mistake by playing games with me. In a
way, if Frieze would not have left the mansion, I wouldn't have realised how much I loved her. I cannot
bare a single day without her. The days I didn't see her while we were in the same house, it drove me
insane. My heart was heavier when she was not a part of the staycation. I wanted to spend time with
her and little I realised what I was doing to her was all wrong. When I didn't find her in the house, I went

I don't think I can be alive if she leaves me and disappears out of my life. The thought of it is itself is
suffocating. Mr. Kane will be sent to the countryside tomorrow to unite with his family finally. I envy him
in a way. I want to unite with my woman too and maybe have children when she is ready. But, as I see
her right in front of me, this stubborn cold aura of hers is making me upset. I know I deserve this
treatment but it hurts. I am even ready to be her maid or even her driver but I want her close to me. I
have already requested the head HR of her company, now that it's mine, to transfer her role to my
personal assistant. She would be so mad at me and I will be staring at her beautiful angry face like a
fool. I can't stop smiling now thinking of that moment.

As a personal assistant, all she needs to do is to sit in my office. Maybe I can hand over the shopping
center project to her to look after it. The project is anyways hers and she can handle it the way she
wants it. Of course, I don't trust her business skills and so, I will have to keep an eye on her actions. At
the end, she will be under my watch all the time. She has seen the timid husband because I treated her
like my queen but I don't think I can give her so much of liberty anymore. I had no idea she would do
anything and everything without even taking my consent. I am still not over with the trauma I faced
when I realised that there was no trace of her in the mansion. She even changed the interiors so that I
forget her? Did she think I will forget her? That was very stupid of her. I should stop paying her salary
too so that next time she thinks of changing any interior, she will be penniless to do so. She can only
think but can't take any action. I am feeling like a father now thinking of ways to control the kids and
make them behave. She just upsets me big time with all her actions against me.

The divorce papers are still in my car. I am going to tear them into pieces tomorrow. No divorce is going
to happen at least in this life. She can dream on. I brought this up but she played the end game, now
it's my turn to reverse. I will make her heart soft again. I just need to borrow the time for myself and her.
I love her and she is mine. She cannot leave me at least in this lifetime. I know she cannot cook that
well and I am all ready to cook for her. I am not going to keep a cook. I want to cook for her myself until
she gets addicted to it.

She will be all ready to go to office tomorrow and I will be the one driving her. I have already told Simon
to inform Alex and Peter. I am glad they are cooperative. I may in fact need their help too to keep an
eye on her when I am not around. Here she is, as I am lost in thought and talking to myself, she comes
close to me in her sleep and leans her head on my shoulders. She is already seducing me and I can
feel her breathing. I slightly turn towards her, kiss her forehead. I pull her even more closer to me and
place one of her legs on my waist. I missed her. I am just taking advantage of the fact that she is
sleeping. I know am being a bad guy right now but she is my wife. I held her tight, kissed her forehead
again and then her pink lips. I should stop before I lose control. She would hate me if I do anything to

her without her permission. I dropped my dirty intentions off my mind and held her close. I decided to
just sleep off like a good boy. I can wait till the right time comes.

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