Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 46: This Is My House

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It is almost dinner time when Frieze woke up. Seeing the clock next to her. she pouts at the timings.
She is lazy to cook and decides to eat whatever is left over in the fridge from today's lunch that Rose
prepared. She yawns again and her stomach growls. She feels the hunger instantly. She drags herself
out of the bed and irritatingly walks up to the kitchen frowning at her stomach growls. Seeing Idri in the
kitchen, she jolts back. He sensed his wife has woken up from deep sleep, he turns to look at her with
a warm smile. She is shocked to see Idri wearing her new apron that she has not even used yet and to
top it all, he is cooking. She never saw him cooking. She remembered him telling her that he is a great
cook but she never believed him thinking he is trying to impress her. But, now that she can smell some
yummy food and the aura is ever intoxicating.

Her stomach is noisy again with that smell. She scolds herself for drooling and wipes her face right in
front. Idri looks at her expression and he could guess she is hungry. He turns back to his cooking and
concentrates while he adds some oregano to the noodles he was preparing. Frieze comes back to her
senses and coldly asks, "What are you doing in my house? Were you not supposed to leave with your

His grip tightens on the spoon he is holding and feels disappointed hearing her speak like as if he is a
stranger. He keeps himself calm and turns to look at her. He clears his throat to speak, "When my wife
is sick, it is my duty to take care of her."

"I am not your wife anymore. Just cut it. You can leave after eating. This is not your mansion that you
can decide over things. I am so done with you." She waves her hand in the air and sits on the dining

Idri brings the noodles and Manchurian to the table while continuosly looking at her. She does not care
and checks out several emails that she received over these days. He served her on a plate and
interrupted her business with her phone, "Eat first." She did not respond and continued looking at her
phone. He still waits but yet she does not care his presence. She is ignoring him like he does not

exists. He sits opposite her, takes her phone away from her hand and pushes the bowl of noodles
towards her. She looks at him angrily. "Rose and David wants me to stay here for a few days until you
get better. I am here because of their request. We are not officially divorced yet and this means you are
still my responsibility. If you don't believe me, you can call my parents and ask. You can even call Alex
after dinner. But, you need to eat first. You look like a dead fish."

She said nothing. She quickly started eating while staring at her phone held by Idri with one hand while
he eats casually. He glances at her angry face from time to time trying to stop himself from smiling. She
eats angrily but as she finished her food, her instant loud burp sends Idri to heavenly laughs. Her face
turns red with embarassment. As she sees him laughing, she could not control but started laughing too.
A sudden gush of sadness surrounded her and she abruptly stopped laughing. She was still and
became all silent. Idri noticed her sudden change in her mood and tried to look through her to
understand. Giving her an expecting look that she will tell him the reason for her sad expression, she
got up from the chair, left her bowl in the sink without speaking a word. She gave a last look at him and
sadly said, "Thank you for the dinner. You cook well. I can take care of myself. You need not trouble
yourself. I am all well now."

Saying this, she pours herself a glass of water and takes it to her room to take her medicines as
prescribed by her doctor. As Idri was about to say something, she already walked away back into her
room. He lost his appetite and stopped eating further. He gave a last look towards her room that she
just entered and walked up to the sink to wash the utensils. He cleans up the whole kitchen while still
lost in thought.

As Frieze enters her room, she sits down on the edge of the bed holding her head. She murmured,
"Why are you here in my house? I never had the intentions of seeing you again in my life after I left that

She grabbed her tablets and popped them into her mouth. She drank the water like she has been
thirsty for days. She keeps the glass on the table next to her bed and climbs into her cosy bed lazily.
She stares at the ceiling while a tiny drop of tear runs sideways of her face from her eyes. She lays still
without even caring to wipe the tear drop. She closes her eyes after a few minutes and sleeps off.

She did not notice Idri was standing at the door watching her while she was staring at the ceiling. He
feels heartbroken seeing her this miserable and weak. Her naughty jolly mood is no more to be seen in
her behaviour. She has a serious expression all the time unlike the old times. He curses himself in his
mind for breaking her heart and trust. He swiftly picks up his bath robe and goes to the bathroom for a
shower. The sound of water from her bathroom wakes her up. She looks at the door remembering the
old times when she used to lock him up in the bathroom everytime he acted to flirty and seductive with
her. Those old days are gone. She forcefully closes her eyes to sleep again to avoid thinking of the
past. In a few minutes, she was already asleep and snoring. He frowns hearing her loud snores but still
slides through the blanket and sleeps next to her. He will surely not able to sleep whole night.

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