Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 30: Idri Is Angry

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What is wrong with my mother? She is provoking her to date while she is still married to me? I mean I
am wrong too but eventually Frieze didn't seem to have a problem. But, why am I having problems?
She can go out with any man she likes. She is doing exactly the same what am doing in my life while
still being married. Frieze never dressed this great for me. I mean she always looked beautiful
whatever she wore but nothing so sexy. Well, I never wanted her to dress that way as I would definitely
hate other men looking at my wife. Dressing up for another man is really annoying. She is still my wife.
I never had an idea that my own mother will support her for everything that Frieze did.

I am not sure why am I being this questionable. This is not right. After she has returned from her
parents home in B city, she seems to be just ignoring me. She never returned my calls and never even
bothered to ask me when I went to her room yesterday. She never even asked how am I. She moved to
the guest room without even telling me and put Dori in my room instead. I am still not ready to be with
her yet and I am taking time. My dad was telling me that since she has signed the divorce papers now,
she is no more willing to share the same room with me.

Am I now some stranger to her?

She cannot be in the same room with me? Not even as friends? I hardly see her nowadays. I don't
even know her whereabouts. She did not even join for breakfast and dinner is already fixed with some
other new guy in her life. She left home early today morning and I have no idea where did she go. I
have not talked to her for days. She doesn't tell me anything. She robbed me off of all my rights just like

I think I am overthinking. But I really want to know why is she ignoring me like I don't exist? I should
also do the same. I should start caring less maybe. She has her own life now and I have my own. I
should plan ahead with Dori. Simon handed the divorce papers today in office after she signed. I will

have to file it as soon as possible. She refused to take any alimony from me, how can a woman be this
weird. Every one loves money and she never loved mine. She loves only her salary. I think it is good
that she did. Why am I thinking about her today? She has a new man in her life and I have my ex-
girlfriend back to me. I should be going my way like the way she is going her way.

I hate my mind. Why bringing thoughts about her? I want to sleep and not worry about her not coming
home tonight. She mentioned that it has been long that she has gone out or dine out. Why didn't she
tell me? I mean before Dori entered in my life again, I was always busy at work thinking she would be
busy. I never asked her for lunch because I thought she would tell me if she wanted to go out ever. It is
something of the past. I should not complain anymore.

Simon has started talking to me now and even my parents. They seemed to change overnight like
Frieze. Did they finally accept Dori? Did they forgive me and accepted how my marriage turned out to
be? I will go with the flow and stop overthinking. My head already seems very heavy at the moment. I
am not happy and I am clueless about the reasons.

I will not see Frieze tomorrow. By when is she coming back? I want to call her up just to check on her. I
believe she will not pick up. I used to call her everyday when things were great between us during
office hours. It's been more than a month there has been no phone calls between us. I called her but
she never picked up my calls. I picked up my phone and still gave it a try. The phone was ringing but
she was not answering. After trying for the fourth time, she finally received the call. Did she sounded
irritated hearing my voice?

"Hey Idri, how can I help you?"

"I just called to check on you. Hope you are having a good time."

"Yes I am having the best day of my life. I will hung up first. Bye."

"Wait. I had to say something more." I did not have anything to say but she interrupted me before I can
even speak further.

"You can drop me a text whatever you need to say. I am busy at the moment. Good Night."

She hung up on me!!!


I hate the feeling. She wants me to drop her a text? Since when did she start asking me to drop texts if
I had something to say? I mean is it like she declared this rule of texting her than calling her? She is not
the same person who would leave all the work just to listen to me. Today, I see another version of her
who just ordered me to drop a text like I was some subordinate and not her husband. I always picked
up her call even while being with Dori. I never ignored her this way. Maybe I deserve it but I don't feel
so good at the moment.

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