Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 42: His Mastermind

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First person Idri…..

After Tony gave me information about Alex, I managed to find his apartment and had a good
conversation with him. Since ABX Corporation’s CEO is a good former associate of mine, it was not
difficult to acquire the company and merge it with my giant organization. I gave him 30% of the
company profit and cleared all his company debts saving him from going bankrupt. His finances are
secure now and I have his company. This would mean I get a chance to be around Frieze or at least
acquire her information from Alex and Peter. Alex was smart enough to cooperate with me. He would
definitely not want to lose this job as his apartment EMI depends on the salary. He has reached a good
position in the company and definitely would not want his career to have flaws of any kind. Peter
seemed agitated with my approach to handling things and it seemed more like some peaceful way of
blackmailing them. I don’t care. I can do anything to keep Frieze within my proximity. I gave her so
much freedom and she took a big step in her life by leaving me. I will not risk it again and I will not let
her leave further. I thought I owed Dori too much for her suffering. She did not suffer even for a second.
I was so wrong to believe her and I will definitely trash her so that she remembers all her life. What did I
just do? I ruined by own marriage while my heart kept on screaming that she is my love and my heart
wants to be with her. I will do everything to get her back in my life. She is not talking to me. She has
lost so much weight and her beautiful face is all pale now. She lays on the bed right in front of me all
silent and weak. She was not like this before. I don’t see the jolly side of her anymore and it is all my
fault. However, no matter how difficult the situation is, I will not give up.

Now that I have Alex helping me a lot with everything when it came to the company whereabouts as
well as about Frieze, I am done with one part of my plan. By the time Tony came back to pick me up
from the hotel the other day, the company was already purchased by me and Simon managed all the
financial and legal dealings. Eventually, it was not easy to deal with Alex in the company. Dori’s
bankruptcy must be in process by now and Tony has already given me the signal. She will leave home
by today and rest of her belongings can be sent back to her father, Mr. Kane. Her father’s retirement is

planned in the next two days and I have already asked Tony to tell him to leave the city with a huge
sum of money along with two mansions plus two agricultural field. He always wanted to own
agricultural plots and spend his old age in farming across the countryside. His wish has been granted
and he can leave soon. As I was lost in thoughts, I received a call from Dori. She seemed to be crying
and I could only pretend to be worried but my heart was jumping. I slowly sneaked out of the ward and
received the call. Tony sat at the bench and immediately walked up to me as I came out. I signaled him
to wait while I finish hearing what Dori has to say. Dori spoke in a nervous tone, “Darling, I got
bankrupt. My boutique has been sealed by the bank. I need to rush to California now and am not sure
when I will be back. Could you please transfer me some money? Please visit me to the city if it takes
me too long to return.”

I gave a wicked smile to Tony as I was truly impressed by his quick actions. Tony replied with a proud
smile. I coldly spoke on the phone, “Stay there until the issue is resolved. I will tell my assistant to
transfer some money to you. I just purchased a company recently and I am not sure how much I can
send you at the moment. You might have to wait for two weeks for the transfer but I will still try as soon
as possible. Just handle the matters as best as you can. I am sending you your flight ticket for business
class. You can pack your bags till then.”

“Thank you sweetheart. I will be back soon.” Dori replied sadly not knowing what is going on in the
background. I hung up the phone and turned to Tony for further instructions, “Book her the longest flight
to California with multiple stops. I will be busy with Frieze for a few days. She is my priority at the

Tony nods satisfactorily and leaves the hospital. I returned to the ward just to find Frieze walking back
from the bathroom. I ran to her to grab her but she rejected me. She stopped me midway, “I can take
care of myself. You don’t have to pretend to care so much. You can go back to office.” Saying this, she
sits back on her bed. She is being too stubborn and unruly. I need to bare all the tantrums since it is all
my fault. I sat near her feet staring at her pissed off look. She was looking like a cute mouse ready to

bite anyone trying to come close. I spoke with authority and I don’t care how she takes it. I am even
more stubborn than her. “I will stay with you until you get better. You can stay in your apartment after
discharge if you like but I am going to stay with you too.”

She looks at him with frustration. “That is my house. You have no permission to stay in my apartment.
You stay in your mansion.”

“If I need to stay in the mansion, you need to stay with me too. If you want to stay in your rented
apartment, I am staying with you too. You are still my wife. We need to stay together until we are
officially divorced. You cannot decide everything alone.”

She looked dejected and lost. She was aware that I stick to my words always. The apartment she
decorated was with so much love. There are chances I may take away her apartment too if she doesn’t
obey and finding another home for herself would be very painful. She must have decided to stay calm
and accept her fate as she was too weak to fight apart from being mentally exhausted. She has
decided enough for herself. The fact that she was avoiding me, I still compromised on that. But, she
just left. Not acceptable. Did she think I will let her go this easily? I think I spoilt her too much and am in
trouble today.

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