Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 45: Secrets Contd

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Mr. Kane was disappointed that her daughter never cared to even ask about his health being a
daughter. She hardly called and she hardly cared to visit him. The only time she called him was when
she needed money and she was too shameless to even ask a very large amount. He even ended up
working overtime at work sometimes to fulfill her greed for money. Idri was not aware that the much
hated daughter he always talked about was Dori. He supported him well and so he was able to manage
his second marriage too.

After Mr. Kane's first wife left him and abandoned Dori, he was depressed. Dori always pressurized him
for money and his wife had affairs with several models in the industry. With the divorce and a teenage
daughter to take care of, he was suffering from depression. Dori is exactly like her mother. She was
never satisfied with one man in her life and all they ran after was money. Likewise, she is running after
Idri for his property and money. One night, Mr. Kane was drunk driving that his sight was blurry. He hit
the paedestrian and hurt his head. He was charged of drunk driving but Idri helped him through
considering his life situation. Ever since then, he has always been loyal to him. He even took care of
his medical bills and bought him a home near to his office after his wife took away his house as part of
his alimony. He saw him as a father figure from his college days while he worked for his father in his

As for his depression, Idri and his father hired a therapist from a reputed rehab named Ria who was of
Indian origin. As days passed, Ria was there for Mr. Kane to give him company and eventually they
both fell in love with each other. She was later fired by the rehab owner for secretly engaging in a
relationship with a client which was against the employee policy. She lost her job but Mr. Kane was
quick to marrying her where Ria and their two children lived on the country side. It was only Idri who is
aware of the second marriage and the children, Rian and Kia. He traveled to the countryside for a week
to meet them once a month. Idri encouraged the visits as long as work was not compromised. Mr. Kane
loved Rian and Kia a lot and wanted to keep them away from the bad influence from his previous
marriage as well as Dori. Now that he was going to retire with agricultural lands, millions of money and

a secure future for his two children, he was more than happy to accept the offer. He would finally be
with Ria and his children. As for Dori, he plans to hand over the house in B city to her as a final duty
fulfilment from a father towards an ungrateful daughter and one million since she asked. Idri has
promised him to continue keeping his second marriage a secret just to avoid any harm to them from his
first wife and daughter. Dori would never tolerate any of her father's property going to someone else or
being shared with somebody else. She would rather kill them. Now, that Idri knows how Dori has made
his life miserable, he clearly knows her true face. He was quick to capture several models who
confessed about having sexual benefits at work with Dori.

Dori put on some light make-up, hid her face with a scarf and entered the taxi. She was heading
towards the prison in K city where his assistant, Mike was held. She is hoping to bail him out
immediately once she receives the money. She has already asked her mother to hand over the bail
papers to her once her lawyer gets it all ready. She requested the same to Idri first but she could not
reach him over the phone and she was least interested to tell his driver about anything.

In the prison, Mike stood in one dark corner upset about his situation. He did not bother to even look at
the prison door as it opened. As he heard the sound of anklets, he knew it was Dori. He looked up and
finding no one behind her, the guards have already left, he ran to her to pick her up. Dori felt delighted
to see him. She felt relieved hugging him. As she hugged, her hands tactically moved under his tee and
understanding the signal, Mike was quick in lifting her dress to squeeze her butt. A moan escaped her
mouth. They started to kiss while he continued to press her butt giving her the pleasure. While she held
his neck, she took out a condom from her bag. He was quick to wear it and the next moment, they were
enjoying the wild sex while the scene got recorded in the camera inside the prison cell. They were
unaware and both continued to moan until they released and fell to the ground panting. The video was
immediately released to the media. Dori stood up after a tiring sexual episode, Mike threw the used
condom into the dustbin and helped her put lipstick after kissing it for the last time. He dressed himself
back while Dori tied her hair into a bun.

With a last look at him, she spoke, "I will get you out soon from here. We will go on a holiday then."

He winks at her and she winks back. Clueless about what happened, she happily walks out of the
prison. She takes a taxi and heads back to the hotel. The police officers looked at her with disgust but
little she understood why. But, they had to do what was ordered as they would definitely not offend Idri
who also have a good control over several legal matters including investments in several development
projects K city and its nearby villages.

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