Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 38: Find The Truth

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Alex did not seem to mind the presence of a man he has never seen. He casually gestures to sit in the
sofa. He stands up and walks to the lounge area. He speaks formally, “You may please take a seat
here. How can I help you?”

Tony smiled at him and sat opposite him. “I am Tony. To give my introduction, I am Idri’s assistant.”

Alex squinted his eyes trying to recall who is Idri. Tony understood his curiosity by his expression and
spoke again, “Idri is Frieze’s husband. They are not officially divorced yet but have only signed the
papers. Hence, I am referring to him as her husband. Mr. Idri would like to know what is your
relationship with her?”

Alex laughed hearing at the question. He realized that Idri is jealous and this seems to be a good sign.
But, realizing that he is not loyal to his friend, a sense of bitterness crosses his face. He starts speaking
in a cold tone, “Why does your boss care? She has left and moved on. It is not good for him to stalk her
or secretly access information about her. She will not like it for sure.”

Tony was disappointed. He quickly dialed Idri’s number who was eagerly waiting for a call from him. As
he received it right after the first ring, Tony passed the phone to Alex to talk. Seeing the name on the
screen, he realized he should cooperate with him knowing the kind of person he is. He rolled his eyes,
reluctant to talk but still spoke, “Hello Mr. Handsome. Why did you send your assistant here?”

Idri got angry right after the moment he heard his voice. He remembered the dinner with his wife and
the pictures he saw today morning. He was in rage. “Stay away from my wife.” He hung up.

Alex felt confused. Is that all he had to say, he seemed confused. Alex looked up to Tony, passed the
phone to him and relaxed his back on the sofa. Tony quickly took out a photograph that was shot today
morning and showed it to him, “Explain this.” Tony rolled his eyes again and took a sip of water from
the glass in front of him. He spoke after a pause, “Frieze is a good friend of mine. For your information,
I am gay. I have no interest in women. I am already in a relationship with a man called Peter. The

yellow shirt man you see in the photograph is him. Both of us consider your so called boss’s wife as our
sister. If that is enough information for you, you can leave now.”

Tony gathered and collated all the information in his mind. He had a recorder in his pocket that
recorded whatever Alex spoke. He had one last question to ask and stood up to ask him pretending to
leave. “Does Madam stay with you?”

Alex was frustrated. “Frieze is an angel. It is your boss who betrayed her. She will never betray
someone she loves the most. She stays in the same apartment as us but in the other wing. Now, get

Alex screamed while being upset with the fact that her husband doubted her. He realized while he is
busy pointing a finger at her, Frieze is busy thinking of his happiness in turn hurting herself in the
process. Life is strange and that is something he never understood. Idri waited outside the office
waiting for Tony. Tony handed over the recorder to him and Tony left the office premises. Idri stayed in
the car hearing all the information that was gathered. He felt even more guilty for doubting her loyalty.
Above all, he realized that she still loved him. A tear rolls down his cheek and did not care to remove it.
He laid back on his seat with remorse and he does not know what to do at the moment. Even since he
confessed that he is planning to divorce her in the hospital, she never looked back. She did not put him
into dilemma or caused any trouble for him. She did not come between him and Dori just because she
wanted to see him happy with the love of his life. Little he realized that he was making the biggest
mistake of his life and now he wants her back.

He eventually found out where she lives and waited in the parking lot to head to her apartment by
following her. He took a burger take away from the nearby burger store and had ate inside the car. He
did not want to miss her sight at all. He was desperate to see her, to talk to her and even hold her
again. It was already 6:00 PM when a car stopped next to Idri’s. Frieze felt that she has seen this car
before but did not bother to think further. Alex kept looking at Peter trying to tell him about something

and Peter could already sense it. Frieze both of them bid goodbye and she walked towards her
apartment wing. The couple was already in their apartment lift and Alex knew that the car must have
belonged to Idri as he has never seen this car before from his memory of staying in this apartment for
so many years. Idri followed Frieze in Tip Toe avoiding her sight. His first intention to find out her
apartment number and so he slowly followed her. Frieze opened her apartment door and entered the
house, throwing her bag away in the nearby sofa. As she turned to close the door, she saw a tall man
standing outside. It was none other than her husband, Idri. She stood frozen at the moment as she had
no idea that she would see him ever again and above all he would come to her small apartment. She
came back to her senses and asked him, “Hello Mr. Idri. Is there anything I can help you with?”

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