Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 44: Secrets

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Dori reached California after a 60 hours flight journey. She was exhausted and had no strength to even
hold her bag. As her house was seized by the police, she could only manage to stay in a hotel until she
resolves all the issues. She hid her face and tried to stay low key to avoid media. However, by the time
she was out at the airport rushing to the airport taxi she booked, she was already surrounded by
reporters. She was shocked to see how reporters knew about her arrival to the city. She looked down
and hurriedly sat inside the taxi. She was afraid that she will have a tough time and if her reputation is
ruined badly, Idri may have second thoughts about marrying her. She called Idri in panic on her way
back to the hotel but the call was immediately diverted to Tony.

Tony robotically answered the call, "Hello Miss Dori. This is Tony speaking, Mr Idri's driver How can I
help you?"

Dori was irritated, "Why are you on the phone? Where is Idri?"

"I am sorry not to inform you earlier as you were traveling. Sir is not keeping well these days and doctor
said he needs to rest well for at least two weeks. Hence, he is not attending to any call at the moment."

"What? Are you telling me that he will not attend his future wife's call too? Give the phone to him. I
need to talk to him urgently." Dori sounded angry but as the driver was looking at her from the rearview
mirror, she calmed herself down and acted normally. She cleared her throat and spoke, "Please let your
sir know I called him. I would like to talk to him as early as possible. I reached California and heading to
the Bonsai Hotel. Let him know I will look forward to his visit." She was so sweet all of a sudden like a
change in the season that Tony could not help but laugh covering his mouth. He replied after a pause,
"Sure Miss Dori. I will let him know once I get a chance to talk to him. He is resting. Thank You."

He disconnected the phone immediately and laughed. He dropped the text message to his boss "I
spoke as you said. Sending in the conversation recording in chat box."

Idri saw the phone light beep as he came out of the bathroom after a warm shower. Frieze was
sleeping while his parents and Teresa left after lunch. She was clueless that her husband was with her
all this time. Seeing the message, he was laughing all by himself imagining her panic at the moment.
He is yet to gather more information about her and avenge her for trying to manipulate him. He can
only forgive himself for what he did to Frieze only after punishing Dori. For his punishment, he has
already received it the day he left him, his house and started avoiding his every call or text.

He stood on the side of the bed taking his clothes out from his bag. He placed them one by one inside
Frieze's cupboard placing her clothes on one side while his on the other side. The cupboard was small
but he could manage as he had only a few. If he has to stay with her longer, he would probably need
more clothes and he may think of purchasing a chest of drawers for himself.

He was only in his towel. He switched off his phone and took the boxers to wear them. He went to the
balcony and hung the towel while continuing to roam around the house in boxers checking out her
house and it's interiors. It was late afternoon and he was sleepy too. He dragged himself into the room
and laid down next to Frieze. He pulled her closer and held her tight. He instantly slept off and Frieze
naturally kept her hands on his waist while still in deep sleep. He was relieved to sleep with her holding
each other after a long time.

In Bonsai Hotel...

Dori reached the hotel and found another group of reporters waiting at the entrance. She was frustrated
and did not even look at the camera that was being focused on her from various angles. Her silence
created much more suspicion about her activities in the city. She checked in soon and the porter
helped her find her room while keeping all her luggage on the bedside. She tipped him a small amount
and he left thanking her.

Dori removed her scarf from her face and breathed peacefully. She was troubled and her mind was not
working at the moment. She called Idri again but his phone was switched off. Out of frustration, she

threw her phone on the bed. She decided to take a shower first and order some food to eat. She
undressed herself and sat in the bath tub. Her body seemed to be aching with all travel and change of
flights. After a hot bath, she wore her bathrobe and dried the water dripping from her hair. She was still
in her bathrobe drying her head. She stopped to check the hotel menu to order some food. She called
up the restaurant and ordered whatever she liked. As she dressed herself in shorts and a tee without a
bra, she lazily lay on the bed. She tried to call her father for money but his phone was not reachable.
After a third attempt, he finally picked it up.

"Hey Dad, miss me?"

"I am ashamed of you. I saw the news headlines. I told you to be careful with whatever you were doing
and it is all out in the world."

"Relax dad. A little money to these greedy reporters, I can bring the news down and change it to
something positive about me. You know I have done this before."

"I know what you have been doing all this while. I have busy with some work. Clean your shit as early
as you can."

"Dad, can you please send me some money? I may need at least half a million."

"I am retiring tomorrow and hence, once I receive the retirement amount and ny salary, I will transfer it
to you. Wait for me for two days at least."

"Alright Dad. Thank you."

"Don't you think you are asking for a lot of money more than it's required?"

"I need to bribe a lot of people here. Plus you know I had an affair with my assistant, he is in jail now. I
need to bail him out too. Then maybe after clearing the mess, I will be out on a holiday. I think I will still

need another half a million for that. You can send me one million instead. You know an advanced

"Hmmm...I will. Bye."

"Bye Dad."

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