Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 43: The Welcome

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Frieze decided to stay at her apartment. Because the doctor told her family and friends not to stress
her out, they agreed to her demand. Idri was not happy but he was helpless. David and Rose brought
two luggage containing their son’s essentials and clothes to Frieze’s apartment. They were ready to
help Idri now that they realize he is correcting his mistake. Simon on the other hand, took care of the
company matters including recent transition of business from ABX Corporation. Alex and Peter were
also helping Simon out with all the business matters after being promoted as business advisers for the
company. He was busy with the company affairs and since Idri was busy giving all the care to Frieze,
Simon decided to cooperate. Teresa decorated the whole house like it was a child’s birthday party.
Although the house was small, Frieze has worked very hard on the interiors making it look like a fairy
tale house. Rose was impressed by the decorations and could not help admire. Rose cooked delicious
meal for the family lunch that she missed after Frieze left the mansion. David was helping Teresa with
the decorations. Idri came with her supporting her on one arm and carrying her medical reports on the
other hand. They were warmly welcomed that made Frieze smile with joy. She looked weak and pale
but still was happy to see Rose and David right in front of her. She was missing them a lot.

Frieze could not help stare at her smiling face and regretted even more for taking away all her
happiness that was related to him. However, he is determined to make her happy once again. David
quickly gestured her to sit on the sofa concerned about her difficulty to stand for long due to her
weakness. Rose and Teresa immediately ran to the kitchen to serve lunch for everyone. David walked
swiftly to the kitchen too offering help to the ladies intentionally leaving Idri and Frieze alone. Idri gulped
down his saliva and asked nervously, “How are you feeling now? After lunch, there is a prescribed
vitamin tablet for you. Do not forget to take it and it should be taken for a week. Tony has brought you
some fruits and I guess Rose has already kept in the refrigerator for you.”

She did not say a word. She only nodded which disappointed Idri. She was smiling seeing his parents
and now that she is left alone with him, she is a dead body again. He still decided to be patient with her.
“Do you want to change your clothes or maybe take a shower? I will help you out.”

She looked at him aghast and spoke weakly, “I can manage on my own. Don’t touch me. I don’t need
your help.” Saying this, she stood up from the sofa to walk to her room. She was walking topsy-turvy
fashion and Idri was quick to grab her from behind when she was about to fall. She was dizzy with all
the medications at the hospital and the loss of appetite. She did not refuse his help anymore. She was
too weak to refute. He quickly picked her up and carried her to the room. David and others in the
kitchen pretended to be busy and did not notice the couple in front of them. But, they were smiling at
each other looking at the slight progress. Frieze’s expression was cold and she felt even more painful
by his touch. The fact that the man she loved no longer belongs to her make her feel even more hurt.
As he carried her to the bedroom and softly kept her on the bed, she felt nostalgic. A sudden gush of
pain covered her heart but she tried to control her tears. He opened the cupboard to find some
comfortable clothes for her. He tactically slides his fingers through her clothes trying to find the best out
of the available ones. She smiled at herself and thought she was dreaming. He is just doing this so that
she can recover soon and all her emotions were gone until she became cold again.

He came towards her with a floral dress. He handed the dress to her and kept looking at her. Noticing
his glare, she spoke angrily, “Do you mind giving me some privacy so that I can change my clothes?”

He gave her a mischievous smile and turned around. As his back faces her and she quickly tries to
change her clothes, he spoke with a giggle, “I have already seen you several times. You know that
right. You are still my wife. I still have the right to see.”

Her face immediately changed to red. As she wore the dress, although she was weak, she still
managed to kick his ass with one leg and falling back on the bed. He laughed and turned around
laughing at the way she was blushing. He didn’t mind her kick that didn’t feel like a kick at all. He
extended his hand signaling her to grab it so that he could help her to back to the living room. If looks
can kill, she would kill him right away for being such a freak at the moment especially when a divorce is
knocking at the door. His casual attitude irritated her more and it made her believe even more that he
has no feelings towards her as the divorce didn’t seem to affect him at all. Looking at him smiling at

her, she feels being mocked by him. The rest of the people in the house were already waiting for them
at the dining table. Idri pulled a chair for her while still holding her hand with the other hand. He helped
her sit and he sat right beside her. She was expecting Rose or Teresa to sit next to her but they offered
him the seat next to her instead. She had no energy to question and additionally, she was too hungry
already. It was a long lost peaceful family lunch that they had after a long

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