Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 39: Stay Away From Me

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Idri's eyebrow Twitched hearing the way she addressed him. She was formal and did not have any
excitement in her voice that she always had before whenever she saw him. She looked thinner and
pale as well. It made him upset. He entered her house, looked around while looking at her from time to
time. He finally sighed heavily and turned to bombard her with questions as her silence was killing him.

"Why did you leave my mansion? You did not tell me but sent me away from you. Why are you avoiding
me? Do you know when was the last time I saw you?"

Frieze was irritated with his questions and replied in a cold tone, "We are divorced now. I don't think I
am liable to answer any of your questions plus you can't just enter somebody's house like this."

Idri squinted his eyes, walked towards her and grabbed her arms pulling her towards his chest. He
looked into his eyes while her expression remained cold. "I am your husband. You are not somebody.
You are still my wife. I have entered my wife's new home since she left without informing her own
husband about it."

"Let's just keep this neutral. I don't want any pressure. I am happy with this new life. You stay happy
with your new wife. We are even. You can leave now." She released herself from his grip and looked
away with her back facing him.

He felt weak. He stood there numb. He was clueless on how to deal with her at such a critical moment.
He hugged her tightly from the back planting kisses on her neck, "I miss you. Please come back

Frieze got frustrated and released herself once again from his grip. She turned around and next
moment, a slap reddened his cheeks. He did not react but she lost it at the moment and finally spoke
what she had in her mind.

"What do you think of yourself Mr. Idri? You juggle between women and I let you do whatever you
want? You don't even have the sense to understand the plight of a broken marriage. You broke my
heart and my trust. You expect me to trust you again and you will again make me sign divorce papers
for a second time? I refuse to give you another chance of betrayal. You failed as a husband. You don't
deserve me. Get out of here. Don't ever show me your face. I hate you. Just leave." She kneels down
crying. She keeps her hand on her head and digs her face onto the ground crying heavily.

Idri held her by the shoulders and he had tears rolling down his cheeks which she didn't notice. She
shrugged and continued screaming, "GET OUT OF HERE. LEAVE AT ONCE."

"Please stop crying. I am leaving ok? Please stop crying." He locked the door behind him and walked
upto his car. He sat inside the car and went on murmuring "Please don't cry. I can't see those tears.
What did I just do? One mistake of mine, I ruined her, myself and us. What do I do now?" He hit his
head on the steering wheel.

Frieze on the other hand cried while laying on the ground. She finally cried wholeheartedly after
suffering massive emotional stress. Her body temperature seemed high but she did not care. She lay
still on the floor staring at the ceiling and she fainted.

Idri called Simon after wiping his tears that rolled down his cheeks. As Simon picked the call, he could
sense he is not fine. He waited for Idri to speak and told him all about what happened a while ago.
"Can you please go with Teresa to her apartment? She was crying so much. Her body gets caught with
fever after crying and am afraid she will fall sick. She seems to be in emotional stress by the way she
broke down. Please help. She won't let me stay and went screaming at me asking me to leave. So I
came down and sat in the car. Please check on her. I am sending you the location."

Simon spoke in a worried tone, "You stay there. We both will be there right away. Just stay put."

Idri disconnected the call without saying anything. He sat in the car lost in thoughts. Meanwhile, Simon
and Teresa rushed to the location that Idri sent them along with the house number. They knocked on
the door but no one answered. Simon tried to push open the door but found the door was not locked
from the inside. They both looked at each other with worry and quickly ran into the house just to find
Frieze lying on the floor with a pale face.

Simon and Teresa walked up to her shaking her to open her eyes. Teresa noticed her body
temperature was extremely high. Simon picked her up to take her to the hospital while Teresa called
Idri informing about the same. Idri ran up to the apartment while he waited for Teresa to bring a bottle of
water from the kitchen and the house keys to lock the house. Seeing Frieze being held by Simon
makes him angry. He advances forward "I will hold her. She is my wife. I will take her in my car. Tony is
here too. You can follow us."

Simon rolled his eyes and taunted him, "Now you remember she is your wife. Congratulations on your
memory coming back."

Idri did not respond. He only stared at Frieze while carrying her to the elevator. Teresa signalled Simon
not to say anything to him as he looks already stressed out. They followed him to the elevator. Tony
was quick to opening the door and placed her inside the car seat gently. He slid through keeping her
head on his lap. Simon spoke, "I could see your regrets are hovering over you already. We will be
following you from behind."

He turned to sit in his car and drive to the hospital. On the way, all Idri did was stare at her pale face
feeling sorry. He ordered Tony to drive faster.

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