Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 37: Find Out Who?

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After breakfast, Peter helped her clean the dishes. Frieze cleaned the rest of the kitchen and they left
to their apartment to get ready for office. Frieze was reluctant to go to office but she had piles of work
lined up mainly because of her leaves in the past few days. Peter and Alex waited for her downstairs.
She wore a formal midi dress with small flowers imprinted on the dress. She matched her dress with a
plain white pair of heels. She tied her hair into a bun letting few strands of her hair hang across her
jawline. She did not put any makeup but covered her face with a baby cream layer. She looked elegant
and they could only stand there to admire her. Tony waited outside ABX Corporation hiding from being
spotted by Frieze. As Frieze and her two friends got out of the car, Tony squinted his eyes. He quickly
clicked a few pictures of them and sent to Idri. Meanwhile, Idri took a shower and sat with David as he
insisted him. He was completely lost in thoughts and even refused to eat. Rose was too reluctant to be
soft with her son as he is the only for whatever is happening to him now.

David, however, had to help him cope with the situation since he is his son. He would make Rose
understand things later but now, he was concentrating on helping his son at the moment. Just as David
sat with him in the balcony, Idri received a message from Tony. His eyes grew with hope and
happiness. David asked him what happened. Idri excitingly spoke, “Frieze has gone to her office today
morning. Tony just sent me a picture of her. This means she is still in this city. I am stupid. I forgot she
has a two-year-old contract with the company and only then, she would be made permanent. If she
wishes to leave before the contract ends, she needs to pay an amount of ten million to the company.”

David spoke after taking a sip from his cup, “Hmm… So she will be here till next year.”

Idri heaved a sigh of relief and a ray of hope raise in his heart. “Maybe I can go to her office and talk.”
He called Tony and said, “Good job. Find out where does she live now. There are two guys with her. I
want to know everything about them.”

As Idri stood up to leave, he was stopped by David, “Take it slow. Don’t you think if you go to her office,
it will be very awkward for her. Why don’t you wait for Tony to give you the address of her new

apartment? You can create a scene there.”

Idri looked dissatisfied and disappointed at his father’s remark. Is he the one who creates a scene
always? This time Frieze has gone too far he thought. How can she leave home without his permission
and not even telling him about it? He still has the right to know everything about her. Idri thought in his
mind. He sat down again and David left him alone in the balcony. Idri kept looking at her photograph
zooming in and out. David returned with his phone after a few minutes and handed it to him. “Her new
phone number is in my phone. She has changed her number already. Don’t try to call her yet until you
make peace with her one day. There are also some pictures of her new house that she sent us. If you
would like to look at them. Take it. She has decorated her house beautiful and cute. You can return the
phone once done and thank me later.”

His eyes went moist. He feels regret, repent and sorrow at the moment. He stood up and hugged his
dad. He embraced the hug and jerking him from time to time signaling him to be brave and not give up.
He needs to be strong to get her back only if he wishes to.

In the office, Frieze was frustrated with work and client calls. She was worked up and tried to clear
maximum of her work. Tony entered the office insisting up on the man in the photo. Idri has already
called the CEO of ABX Corporation who happens to be his former business client to let Tony in to talk
to the men in the picture. The receptionist was then signaled by the CEO’s assistant to let him in. He
was taken to Alex’s chamber where he sat with pile of files lined on his table for review. His assistant
prepared him a cup of coffee and placed it on his table. She was a girl in her early 20s who was being
trained by Alex for the accounts department for the role of file management assistant. She quickly saw
CEO’s assistant entering the office without even caring to knock at the door. Behind him, stood Tony
who was gestured by the young assistant to come in. After exchanging looks, the assistant and the
young girl left Tony and Alex behind in the office.

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