Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 36: Frieze Breaks Down

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Idri could not sleep at night. He did not even change his clothes from previous day. He was desperate
to see her. He tired calling on her number but her phone was switched off. He felt empty and lost. Dori
decided to leave after extending her vacation for one more day as she was too exhausted by the
night’s show. Rose and David left without her and as they entered the house, Julie came in worried.
She told them everything in a single breath and finally grasp some air into her lungs. They quickly ran
to their son’s room just to find him lying on the floor all curled up like a child. He held his phone in his
hand that had a picture of Frieze. They were shocked. He was the one who ended the marriage and
started dating another girl without even informing her in the first place. David walked up to him letting
him sit. Rose stood there wondering how did he became like this. He already had dark circles under his
eyes and looked very weak. His mouth was completely dry and Rose forwarded a glass of water to
him. As he took the cup, she spoke, “Why repent now? The damage has been done. You chose this life
and the only think she did was be considerate about your happiness. She left so that you stay happy
with Dori. Don’t hurt her anymore. Let her live in peace now. She has moved on.”

She got angry as she stopped speaking. She did not show any sign of pity or affection. David looked
surprised to see such a weak man in front of him. He trained his son well to keep adequate control of
his emotions. Today, his training has gone for waste just for the guilt that this man feels in his heart. He
regrets his actions and now, he all he wants is his wife back. He kept calling Tony if he found her
address but got disappointed as he received a negative answer. This is the fifteenth time already that
he has called Tony.

In her new apartment, Frieze woke up with a body pain. She was tired setting the house right. She left
her dead phone in charge and did not even care to switch it on. As she walked up the kitchen, she saw
Peter and Alex sleeping on the phone hugging each other. Looking at the sight, she laughed. She
strode to the balcony, stretched her arms and smiled at the view in front of her house as she looked up
to the sky. This is a new day, a new home for brand new hopes. She was satisfied and content. She felt
free and vowed not to let her past affect her present as well as the future. She quickly tiptoed to her

bedroom, took a shower and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Alex has already stuffed her
kitchen with lot of grocery. They woke up lazy and kissing each other. Seeing the sight, she giggled. As
they were slowly getting intimate, she faked a cough. Both of them stood up from the floor in alert
mode. She laughed loud looking at their confused expression. They seemed to have forgotten that
were not in their bedroom but in Frieze’s house. She held her tummy as she laughed.

This is the first time Alex and Peter saw her laughing like a mad lady. She is just not stopping. She has
gone through a lot of stress in the past few days and now that she begins her new life, she already
looks so fresh and bright. Peter could not help but rub his neck where Alex was licking a while ago.
Alex was embarrassed and ran to the washroom to freshen up. Peter was left alone standing in
awkwardly and Frieze continued to smirk at him. She was enjoying the embarrassment they were going
through. Peter finally spoke, “Will you stop being so naughty little woman. I am shy right now. What did
you prepare?” Peter was now trying to act all innocent and tried to deviate the topic.

“Alright. I will be a good girl now. Go brush your teeth at least. I will be ready with delicious food by the
time you come back. It is almost ready.”

Peter was not sure if she really knew cooking. He still tried asking for the second time, “What did you
prepare exactly?” He was suspicious and Frieze could sense it.

“I made lasagna with cheese crumbles. There is sandwich too which contains broccoli, tomatoes and

Peter gave a sign of relief. Alex heard it and spoke while Peter ran to the washroom to brush his teeth.
He was already hungry by the mention of Lasagna. “Don’t you think it is too much food to eat in one
day.” He was shocked to see so much food on the desk. There was vegetable soup too.

Frieze spoke proudly and confidently, “You can eat how much ever you want, I can eat all the rest.
Don’t worry. I am a pro eater.” Saying this she remembered Idri all of a sudden. She remembered how

he was shocked to see so much food on her plate on Simon’s wedding and called her a poop machine.
She laughed suddenly arousing attention of Alex and she froze with her eyes moist. Then, she realized
Alex noticed her and was staring at her for answers. He knew that she remembered her husband but
still waited for her to speak. Frieze defended herself, “It was a something funny from the past. Forget it.
Peter is here too. Come over. Let’s eat.”

Alex felt sad at her state. He could make out that she is heartbroken but still trying to be happy. He
gave an assuring look to Peter who looked confused but wondered what happened that made Frieze’s
eyes moist. She slowly ate and seemed like she already lost appetite. She continued eating still
continuously avoided the gazes from the two guys opposite her. They ate silently and checked on her
from time to time. Her sudden silence worried them but there was nothing they could do to help her
mend her broken heart.

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