Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 35: Idri Went Crazy

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Tony, his driver was quick to receive him at the entrance of the hotel. He was smiling bright thinking of
going home and meeting Frieze. He did not care about anyone at the moment. He could not
understand his mixed feelings. He has not seen or talked to him for a while. He just wanted to sit with
her and talk through the night. He was grateful now that she arranged this staycation. He got a chance
to get away from Dori for a while. He can finally talk to her in peace with complete privacy. He was
prepared mentally that if she tried to resists talking to him, he will definitely force her to talk this time
until she gives up and finally spills the beans about her weird attitude towards him. Tony politely
greeted him and he walked quickly to door and sat comfortably. He ordered Tony to drive as fast as he

After an hour, he finally reached home. He did not feel exhausted. Tony carried his luggage inside and
Julie stood there in surprise. After a pause, she finally greeted. Her husband came rushing through and
looked at Julie questioning her through his eyes about his sudden appearance. He did not care about
the presence of the people around him with questioning eyes. He looked forward to the guest room and
walked towards it. He knocked on the door trying to keep himself calm but no one opened. He knocked
several times but no one answered. He grew impatient and tried to open the door forcefully assuming it
must be locked from inside. The door opened as he pulled down the handle but he rushed inside the
room calling out her name. He felt nervous for the first time. He quickly ran to his room to look for her
and found the interiors were all changed. The history is back. The interiors looked exactly the same as
it used to look before he got married. He rushed towards the cupboard, only to find Dori’s clothes. He
then remembered that she already moved her clothes to the guest room. As he was leaving, he saw
paintings on the wall and his pictures with her were gone.

He still kept calm and opened the drawers and cupboards in the guestroom. Everything was empty.
The albums were gone too. He quickly walked up to the main hall where Julie and her husband stood
trying to explain. He was shouting her name from every corner of the house. He even searched his

parents room to find a sight of her. He finally turned to Julie in confusion, “Where is my wife? Where is

Julie was afraid of his dominating aura and stammered while speaking, “She left.” This is all she could
say out of fear.

He did not look convinced and turned to look at her husband for an answer. Tony stood there in fear too
and sweating profusely as he looked like a monster now full of rage.

Julie’s husband finally spoke after gulping down his saliva, “Madam has left the house yesterday right
before dinner. The house has been reverted back by her saying she did not want to keep any sign of
her once she leaves. She was accompanied by her two friends.”

“She left?” He rushed to Robert, Julie’s husband, grabbing his collar. “What do you mean she left?
Don’t you think you had to inform me about it about my wife’s activities?”

Tony spoke from behind, “Don’t hurt him Sir. She is not your wife anymore and maybe that is why
nothing was informed to you.”

“She is still my wife God dammit.” He shouted at Tony. Tony stepped back and looked at the ground
feeling guilty of speaking the truth.

Idri just remembered Robert mentioning about her two friends. He thought it must be Simon and
Teresa. He quickly took out his phone and called Simon.

Simon was asleep. He got angry hearing his phone ring but seeing the name on the screen, he picked
it up reluctantly. He spoke lazily, “Why are you calling me bro? Don’t you think it is inappropriate to call
this late?”

Idri on the other side did not care whatever he spoke. He was quick to question, “Is Frieze staying in
your house? Did you guys help her shift and leave this house?”

Simon stood up cautiously not to wake up Teresa. He slowly tiptoed out of his room and spoke in a low
tone, “What are you saying bro? We did not even know she shifted until we received a message from
her telling us about it. Don’t blame us. I already told you I am not a part of this mess. Keep me and my
wife out of it.”

He hung up angrily after feeling accused. He is angry at his pretense to worry about Frieze when she
was kept in the dark and he already decided to move-in with Dori. He is reluctant to help him or give
any information about her whereabouts. In fact, he himself have very little information about her and
does not even have the location of her new apartment. All he can be relieved about is the fact that she
has found two gay best friends for herself who has been there for her during her difficult times. He feels
jealous that Frieze did not ask him for help but he at the same time knew that if he at all helped her, his
relation with Idri would had been spoilt. She will not stop being kind and generous ever. She always
thought for her loved ones first before herself.

After the phone was abruptly disconnected, he threw his phone on the floor. He looked at Tony and
ordered in a commanding voice “Find out where Frieze lives now. Find everything that you know. I need
her to come back home. If you love your job, get all her information before the sun sets tomorrow.”

Tony nodded and left the mansion in hurry. He left Julie and Robert behind. He went inside his room
and banged the door close behind him. He leaned against the door feeling helpless. He whispered,
‘You finally left just the way I left you. Where did you go Frieze? You are still my wife. You robbed me
off of every right of even knowing your actions.’

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