Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 34: A New Beginning

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Rose was resting on the bed on the hotel room while David was busy reading the magazine. They both
heard a beep on their phone at the same time. They looked at each, giggled and unlocked their phones
just to see the message from Frieze. She looked sad in her eyes but still managed to have a bright
face. Rose started crying when David came over consoling her. David spoke, “It is time for her to be
finally happy. If she stays in our house, she will be hurt everyday realizing about the broken marriage.
She has lost the love of her life. Let her get over it and move on. She has sent the location to me. We
will visit her next weekend ok?”

Rose nodded and hugged David. She wiped her tears in his shirt and apologizing for getting his shirt
wet. He did not mind at all. He closed his eyes and hugged her tightly trying to feel better and happy for
Frieze. Simon, on the other hand, was busy in a meeting in his study room. Teresa saw the message
and quickly ran to Simon. As she realized he was attending a meeting, she waited in the room. She sat
on the sofa looking at her phone and then at Simon eagerly waiting to tell him about the text. She
looked upset. After a few minutes, Simon switched off his laptop and quickly walked to the sofa sitting
beside her. She showed her the phone with the message from their friend. Simon looked shocked. He
was not informed about this plan. He quickly called her. Frieze just reached the new apartment and she
was busy shifting her stuffs inside the house. She was agitated and quickly took out the phone from her
pocket and answered the call, “Hey Simon, What’s up?”

“Did you leave Idri’s home? Didn’t he try to stop you? What about David and Rose? You are new to the
city. Where did you go? Where are you? Who are those men with you?” Simon stormed her with
questions and seemed worried.

Frieze was in a jolly mood, she replied after letting out a giggle, “I don’t remember all your questions
but I will still try to reply you in brief. I have sent Idri and his family for a staycation in the outskirts of the
city. Rose and David knew what I was up to and so they just played along. Idri and Dori have no idea I
left the place. As a friend, I would urge you to not to tell them. They will not care anyway. So, just be

put and don’t tell him anything if at all you consider me your friend. These two guys are my office
friends. They are a couple. So, super save guys. I found an apartment here near office. So, I am
sorted. Did I answer all your questions?”

Teresa could hear everything as the phone was put in speaker mode. “Frieze, do you want us to come
over and stay with you for a while? Are you alright? We are really worried about you now. You sound

“Haha…. Do I really sound crazy? I think it is my post-divorce mood. I am super cool. Now, I need to
hung up. I am busy placing everything in their right places. I am already tired. Phew!!!!”

Hearing this, Simon looked disappointed and replied, “Don’t worry we will not tell him anything. He
does not deserve to know anything about you anyway. Please let us know if you need any help from
our side. Send me your location too. We will drop by too just to check on you.”

“Okey Dokey… Bye.. I will send the location soon. Tada...” Frieze hung up the phone first. Teresa and
Simon did not look happy but had nothing to say as the events were just so unexpected for them too.
They are feeling pity for Frieze but cannot express it as they know she hates being pitied. They are at
least satisfied to see her happy and not breaking down.

Idri could not concentrate throughout the trip. One more day and as they will return by night, he is going
to dash into Frieze’s room and ask her the same questions that he asked over the text. Seeing the
reply ‘sorry’ made him even more angry. That was not the answer he was looking for. He tried calling
her immediately and found her phone switched off. He knew that she deliberatively did it. He was
helpless. Idri booked another room for himself right after he arrived to the hotel. He did not want to be
with Dori. He simply found her too clingy and irritating. She did not change at all but pretended to
change. He felt she faked her generosity when he met her for lunch for the first time after three years.
Dori sat in her room waiting for him in a sexy night gown. She called in the manicure expert services

provided by the hotel and she was already flirting with the expert. He was only returning her flirty
comments with a smile. The sexy gown was exposing almost all parts of her body. She was trying her
best to seek his attention. He did not pay any heed to her slutty behavior and concentrated on the
manicure. He was used to customers like this who would provoke him to sleep with them in the vague
of manicure. He was handsome and so, anybody would enjoy a one night stand with him. However, he
was a man of dignity and would never touch a woman inappropriately. He soon finished the routine for
her and stood up to leave. His hand was grabbed by Dori and gave him a lustful look. She did not
notice Idri standing near the door and watched all the scene that happened right in front of him. The
expert easily removed his hand from her grip and left the room. She turned back just to see Idri
standing behind. She was embarrassed and wondered if he saw her seducing the expert.

Idri pretended to act all normal and told her that he is heading back to the office. He has an important
business meeting and if things are not finalized today, he may lose millions. Dori was disappointed. Idri
did not care about her and turned to leave the room. Dori was quick and hugged him from the back. He
released himself from her grip while Dori felt rejected and offended. He left without saying a word. Dori
did not care much as Frieze and Idri have already signed the divorce papers. She would soon be able
to be with him anyway. She was not in a hurry to rush after him. He quickly called in the reception for
call boy services and two men arrived to enjoy the night with her in an hour. Idri squinted to see the two
men entering the door as he already realized what kind of men they were. He went down to pay the
hotel bills and the bill details confirmed everything he doubted about her. He still managed to pay the
bills for her cheap activity too and left the hotel. He called up his parents on the way to his mansion just
to tell him that he was heading home for some work.

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