Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 33: The Staycation 2

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Saturday morning, all waited to have their breakfast. Idri could not find Frieze at the table. His glance
instantly went towards the guest room. The door was still closed. He decided to suppress his curiosity
of not finding her in the dining hall. He sat next to Dori, gave her a smile and greeted his parents. Julie
and her husband were taking the luggage out of their rooms and placed it near the door. While they
ate, Idri continuosly looked towards the room where Frieze said. Rose happened to notice. She replied
calmly, "If you are looking for Frieze, she is done with her breakfast already. She had a lot of packing to
do maybe."

"Oh I see" Idri could only reply coldly feeling awkward that his thoughts were read this openly. Dori
gave Idri an awkward look and then resorted to continue eating her breakfast. She still had to keep
herself calm although she was jealous that he still thought about that woman while she was right next
to him. David was happy to see the concern that his son had for Frieze but he felt sad instantly
realising that she will be leaving today. He did not wanted his emotions to be read too by Rose, as she
was always so good at doing that, he looked down and started pretending to be busy with his meal.

After a while, when all were waiting for the resort cab to arrive, Idri was growing anxious for not spoting
a sight of his wife. The cab finally arrived and Idri was quick to put all the luggage into the car. He left a
part of the space behind the car for Frieze's luggage.

Idri asked David, "Where is Frieze? Tell her to come out soon. I need to place her luggage. I have
already kept some space. How many luggages does she have? Hope it's not too many."

David pretended to be calm and answered, "Frieze is not coming with us. This staycation has been
planned by her so that we all can get along and also with Dori."

Dori was quick to interfere, "It is a family vacation, she is not a family anymore. Let's go now. We will
get late." She held his arms pulling him towards the seat. He seemed pissed. He released her hand
and sat next to the driver seat and denied sitting next to her at the back seat. She was angry and upset

but she kept herself calm. David and Rose gave a bitter smile l, gave a last look at the room where
Frieze was and turned to sit in the car.

They both gave a heavy sigh of relief that they accomplished what Frieze instructed them to do. David
and Rose held each other's hands trying to be strong. David instructed the driver to start driving. Idri
sat next to the driver completely lost. He was silent and not even responding to Dori. He was getting
irritated with her talking and ordered the driver to play some music. Dori sang all the way to the hotel
and everyone in the car were having headache because of her loud singing.

Meanwhile, Idri seemed to not care whatever was happening in the back seat. He was completely lost
in thoughts and his heart felt heavy. He did not know why. He was hopeful that he would finally get a
chance to talk to her but nothing as such will happen. She is ignoring him till the last.

'What is wrong with her? Why she planned this if she did not have to come along with us? Why didn't
she tell me about it? She won't even talk to me and doesn't even receive my calls. She is making me
angry with everything she is doing. I decided to divorce her but that doesn't mean she will start getting
spoilt this way.'

Idri is full of rage at the moment. He won't be able to call her at the moment for an explanation as Dori
was clinging to him like a leach. He dropped her a text, 'Why are you not here with us for the vacation
that you planned for us? How come you told mom and dad that you're not coming and you kept me in
the dark?'

Frieze was super busy packing all her belongings. She does not want to leave a single sign of her in
the house. She wants to set the house in a way that after the family comes back, they would feel that
Frieze never really stayed in the house. After instructing the interior designer and her team to make the
changes to Idri's room like the one he had before he got married to her. She was satisfied. Alex and
Peter were already at her home shifting the luggage into the truck. She even carried the albums that
had pictures of Idri and her that he has prepared including their honeymoon pictures. Julie helped her

take down all the pictures of Idri and her from the room and replaced the empty wall with some

The interiors were changed that once were designed based on her likings. Julie prepared lunch for
them and even the decorators. Frieze was very satisfied seeing the house turned back to how it was
seven months ago before the wedding. She paid the designers and left. She did a last check of the
guest room and Idri's bedroom. She took a last look around feeling eerie. She quickly wiped the tear
drop that ran through her cheek and quickly ran down the main hall.

Peter walked up to her seeing her sad face, "Are you alright? I know this is hard for you but please be

Peter gave her a hug and Alex stood there waiting for Frieze to calm down. It was already dinner time
by the time they were about to leave. She dropped the idea of calling Rose before leaving as she
thought she may be busy with her dinner. Just then, she saw a message flashing on her phone from
Idri. She read it, 'Why are you not here with us for the vacation that you planned for us? How come you
told mom and dad that you're not coming and you kept me in the dark?'

She showed the text to Peter and Alex. Alex encouraged her to reply. She replied, 'Sorry' and switched
off her phone. Alex seemed disappointed. He felt that the reply was like a cold turkey. But, did not say
further. She bid a final goodbye to Julie and thanked her for all the support.

She took a selfie with Peter and Alex outside the door of Idri's mansion. She sent the picture to Rose,
David, Simon and Teresa along with her parents in B city. She captioned it as "Leaving the past behind
for an exciting new beginning." She was partially pouting and she sat in the car with the two new best
friends of her life and left. The truck carrying her luggage followed the car. Frieze gave a bitter smile to
herself and looked back at the house one last time as it disappeared out of sight.

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