Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 32: The Staycation

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Frieze's home was all set. Alex helped her with the kitchen and bathroom while Peter was busy
supervising the laborers to keep the furniture in the hall and her bedroom. Peter also set the curtains
up while Alex continued with the kitchen. It was already late afternoon and all three were very hungry.
Frieze quickly ordered burgers and noodles for home delivery. Now they had utensils at home, they can
make their first use of it and even celebrate a new house warming ceremony. Frieze was so glad to
have them as friends and she realised that without them, things would had been more difficult.

She hugged both of them and they hugged her back. They were so happy to help her in this difficult
times. While they waited for food, she called Rose telling her about her homecoming, how things went
last night and about her brand new house almost ready. She seemed so tired yet so excited and Rose
could only support her. She was not happy with the fact that she will not be able to see her at home
everyday especially during the meals but she was helpless. She wants to have a new beginning and it
is better than staying in the house that will break her heart everyday.

She returned home in the evening. Peter and Alex stayed back in the house to supervise the
electricians and plumbers. They even decorated the house for Frieze when she comes back to check
on her new home, she would be happy to see the surprise awaiting her. They felt this would give her
more encouragement in seeing the brighter side of life.

Back at home, Rose, David, Idri, Dori and Frieze gathered in the main hall after dinner as Frieze had a
surprise plan to put forward. As all waited for her to speak, she cleared her throat and confidently

"I have planned for a staycation in Musderine Resort in the outskirts. Would you all like to go this
weekend? I have already made the bookings."

Idri had a bright smile on his face and stood up to sit near Frieze. Dori could not help but get angry but
suppressed her anger.

"That sounds like a good idea. We have a weekend plan already. I will take a half day tomorrow so that
I can come home early and do the packing."

Frieze frowned and spoke to Dori "Idri has zero packing skills. Please pack his clothes too along with

Idri opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by David.

"I agree with Frieze. Dori you are in charge of his luggage. We don't want you to run to stores buying
the necessary requirements for him that would be potentially missed by him while he packs."

Dori giggled.

Idri pouted his mouth and felt offended. But, he was happy. He was thinking that he would finally get a
chance to talk to Frieze and the several reasons why she is ignoring him. He is also planning to tell her
that he still wants her to stay as a friend. He was upset that she is the wife but she won't pack his bag
like she always did whenever he was out on a trip. At least he would get a chance to talk to her while
everyone will have a fun time was still convincing for him.

Frieze continued with further details and all listened to her with patience, "We need to start from home
at 9 am and we would check in by 11am. So, better have an early breakfast on Saturday morning. I
have even requested them to send a cab for pickup and guess what, it is free of cost. Some kind of a
weekend offer you know. There is a beach view from all the rooms and it's going to be a fun place for
sure. Please get ready with your luggage by tomorrow night."

Rose faked her smile and excitement all this while and David seemed to help her cope up with the
emotions. They know why the staycation has been planned and that would be the day Frieze finally
exits the house she lived in. She will move to her new house and they would never see her at the
dining table after that day. Rose still kept herself calm and spoke nothing. They agreed to go away for

the vacation as they did not want Frieze to have an emotional upheaval while she leaves home. Dori
and Idri are clueless about it. They would never know anything about her after that day. Frieze's
journey would end as a married woman and a member of this family that she lived with for seven
months now. Everyone wished each other good night and moved to their respective rooms. Idri looked
at Frieze entering the guest room feeling eerie about it. Ever since she left his room, he has been going
restless thinking about it.

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