Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 23: Back Home

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I am finally home. I didn't know I was this weak to black out with a kick. It is embarassing. Frieze has
gone to B city. I am not sure if she told me when she will return. My phone is dead. She never travelled
to her parents home after she married me. I could not manage enough time to take her to her city no
matter how much I tried. The project of the shopping center really kept me busy but I was doing it for
her. After it is ready, I will still hand it over to her. A gift is a gift. Now, I am back at home and Dori was
with me all this time. I was thinking Frieze came to the hospital early morning to pay the bills but did not
meet me. Nevermind. Maybe she was already getting late and the injury is not that great. She is a
smart woman and she could guess. Dori took me home and my parents were nowhere to be seen.
When I asked Julie, who is the housekeeper of my house, she informed that they were in their room.

I think they are still angry at me. I looked at Dori who seemed very tired. I told her to rest in the guest
room and she agreed. Julie helped her to the room. I requested Julie to give her a pair of clothes from
Frieze's closet. They both are of same size and would definitely fit her well. I was scared to meet my
parents but I am their son. They are angry at me but I know they love me.

I knocked on the door gently and dad opened the door. My mom sat on the chair least bothered to even
move a muscle. Dad had these questioning eyes telling me 'What do I want'.


This is harder than it seems. I walked inside the room. Mom finally spoke after scanning me from top to
bottom. "You should thank Frieze that we are not questioning you anymore about your filthy actions.
She is out of your life and we all want to stay in peace. You have hurt her a lot. In the future, make sure
you do not interfere with her life."

David informed him, "We have asked Simon to help us with the divorce agreement. He must have
already talk to the lawyers. You can tell Simon all the clauses and he would be asking the same to

Frieze later in the day. You can leave now."

I tried to speak but David stopped me and showed me the way to the door leading to the hall.

So rude!

I could only give one last apologetic look to both and leave. I walked up to the bedroom, and saw a pair
of boxers, a track and a maroon t-shirt already on the bed. I realised that Frieze has kept the clothes
before she left for the airport. I quickly rushed with the clothes to the bathroom to take a shower as I
needed to clean myself up for a heavy meal. By the time the hospital formalities were completed, it was
already noon.

Later in the day:

Dori was in her room wearing only her towel. She found a floral dress on the bed that still had the tag
on it. She was surprised to find a new dress for herself. She quickly wore it. She checked through the
room. Julie also brought her some expensive perfume to wear. She leaned on the bed exhausted. Idri
talked to her whole night in the hospital ward telling her what all he did all these three years. She was
least bothered. She informed Julie that she would be sleeping for a while and take late lunch. She told
her to inform Idri the same. Very soon, she locked the door and jumped into the bed to sleep.

Idri, on the other hand went to the dining hall for lunch. He sat there eating alone. His parents already
had their food and here he was eating all by himself. He wore the clothes that Frieze left for him. As
food was served, he saw it was his favourite dishes. The cook mentioned that it was madam's
instructions. Frieze is referred to as madam by everyone at home here. He told Julie to bring his power
bank from his room to call up Frieze.

To his surprise, he found Frieze's number was missing from his phone. All his text messages were also
gone. All the pictures of her were deleted from his phone and a few others. He felt strange. He does

not remember her phone number and she hardly uses social media.

He said to himself. 'How come everything is gone. Her contact information and all the details are
swiped off just like that. How do I contact her now?'

He dropped a text to Teresa to drop Frieze's phone number to his inbox. Simon was not talking to him
anyway and so, he knew he would directly ignore his message. While he waited for Teresa's reply, he
finished his meal full like he had never eaten before. Just then he saw a beep in his phone. He got the
number and he quickly saved it. He was quick to dial the number but it was not answered. He was
disappointed and after realising that he might be disturbing her reunion with her parents, he didn't call
further. He walked to his room for a nap.

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