Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 29: Dinner 2

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Rose, Alex and Frieze came out of the room. David, Dori and Idri were already at the table waiting for
Rose and Frieze to join them. David so from afar and already shouted to Frieze in a transformed attire.

“Oh My Goodness. Frieze is that you?”

She giggled and blushed. Idri could only stare at her when he realized there was a man standing next
to her whom he has never seen. He was angry for no reason.

Rose started explaining, “She is going out for dinner. This is Alex, Frieze’s close friend. He is taking her
out for dinner. So, I decided to become her designer artist for the day. This is the dress I wore in my
first date with David if he still remembers when he asked me out for the first time.”

David was nostalgic. “I was left jaw dropped looking at her. Your mother was so hot then.” He spoke
lost in thoughts.

Rose cleared her throat signaling him to keep quiet and not to mention rest of the details of the date.
Alex understood “Aha!! Naughty Naughty….”

Everyone started laughing including Dori. Idri did not care about the show right in front of him. He
neither smiled nor took his eyes of his wife. Dori interrupted and spoke, “Frieze hope you stay happy
with your future endeavors. I am happy for you.”

Frieze politely replied, “Thanks a lot. I am happy for you too.”

There was a moment of silence and a tension built up. Idri gave bloodshot eyes at Dori while she
ignored his murderous look.

Alex spoke to ease the atmosphere, “Don’t worry David and Rose, I will keep her safe from all the hot
men out there. She is mine tonight.”

David tried to speak but was stopped by Rose. A little show just to make the enemies angry is worth it.
Idri spoke angrily trying to still keep calm, “Then why go out for dinner. You can join us.”

Frieze protested “It has been long that I dined out and I am already dressed. I really want to go. Can I
stay at your place Alex today if you don’t mind?”

Idri turned his hand into a fist. He felt helpless and anger was creeping in all over his face. Everyone
could see his anger including Dori. She looked disturb.

Alex nodded.

“I will come home tomorrow morning. I can take an extra pair of keys of the house and sneak in
tomorrow morning. I don’t want to disturb anybody’s sleep early morning. Hope it is fine?” Rose knew
she would be safe with Alex and Peter and she allowed. She was planning to tell David everything after
dinner once they are back in the room. However, she planned to keep her son in the dark and enjoyed
the emotional burst he was having at the moment. Frieze and Alex greeted everyone at the table and
left. Rose sat on the table and an angry Idri spoke, “How can you encourage my wife to go out with
another man like this? She is still new to the city and she hardly knows people. What kind of clothing
attire is she wearing? That is not the way how a decent girl should dress plus she is married.”

Rose spoke, “She has already signed the divorce papers. She is a free bird now. I can encourage her
to date, get engaged and even remarry to someone who is right for her. You don’t have any right to
question her life. Be careful with whom you are speaking.”

Dori kept her hand on his shoulders to calm him down and not speak further as she was afraid it might
get worst. While all the family drama went on a while ago, she already finished eating. She was
embarrassed that she would be questioned but thank God the attention was onto something else and
not her. She would be taunted by her future in laws that she does not have the audacity to wait for her
family to join her at the table and have dinner together. Idri could not take his thought out. All the

negative thoughts about she staying over another man’s house was troubling him. He stood up from
the dining chair, “I am not hungry.” and walked up to his room. He closed the door behind him and
punched hard on the door. Dori, on the other hand, sat with David and Rose scared about Idri’s temper.
She has never seen him so angry and she could already be jealous as she understood his concern for
her. Rose noticed her plate was already empty and asked her to leave her alone with her husband. Dori
obediently walked into Idri’s room.

Rose on the other hand looked so happy. She told David about the whole thing and she continued the
rest in their bedroom. They both had fun seeing their son suffer because they think that he should be
taught a lesson. Idri is in bad mood today and Dori will also definitely not try to get close to him. He did
not even care to look at Dori. He picked up a blanket and a pillow to place it on the couch. Without
even turning back, he covered his face in the blanket and slept. Dori on the other hand, lay down on
the bed until she dozed off. Idri could not sleep whole night and he had no one to talk to. Dori is not
someone he can talk how is he feeling at the moment. She would get upset. He was completely lost in
thoughts. While on the other hand, Frieze, Peter and Alex were already enjoying the dinner celebrating
the beginning of a new life for Frieze. They talked and ate for hours. She even expressed her sorrows,
cried a few times while mentioning about her old memories with her husband and excitingly spoke
about her future plans. Alex and Peter told their story too about how they met and the plans to tie the
knot the following year. Frieze specified that she would be shifting back to B city by the end of next year
and they better get married sooner before she leaves.

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