Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 28: The Dinner

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Frieze was up early morning with a notebook where addresses and phone numbers of different owners
of apartments have been mentioned. These apartments were near her office and Alex, her colleague
was happy to offer her help. Alex is a resident of Kay City from a very long time and is familiar with the
costs of housing within the city. He is the accountant for ABX Corporation since the time the company
opened its branch in Kat City not long than ten years ago. He is one of Frieze’s senior in the company
but they became good friends during their financial meetings for salaries of hired employees. They got
along well. Alex’s boyfriend Peter also works in the same company but also works as a part time model
for several advertisements. Peter was also a model in contract for Dori’s mother’s cosmetic brand for
two long years. After he moved in with Alex, he was able to stabilize himself with several jobs in hand
and landed with a stable job in his company although he continued his passion for modeling. Alex met
her near office and showed her around. They also looked up the addresses that Frieze had with her
trying to find a good deal.

There were three houses that she liked but the price quote was too high. She had to ask for a half day
leave from office as she did not want to go to office until she is satisfied looking for a house. She found
it harder than she thought. There was only was house remained and that was in Alex’s apartment. Alex
and his boyfriend lived on the fifteenth floor while Frieze decided to rent the apartment in another block
of the same apartment but on the first floor. She does not like lower floors but she had no option. With
Alex and Peter around, she would have company to go to in case she needed support or help of any
kind. Peter was quick to talking to the owner and Frieze was already guilty of taking so many favors
from these two men. She did not want to bring Teresa and Simon along as she was afraid that they
would tell Idri about her new home. She really didn’t want him to know anything about her right after
she leaves. She simply wishes to disappear that will eventually help her forget him. After a long
discussion on the house along with several arguments of bargaining, Frieze settled with a good rented
apartment. Though it had only a single room with an attached bathroom along with a main hall having
an attached kitchen, she was still happy with the amount of space the house had. It also had a balcony
facing the open parking space and the road following it. All she had to do was to buy some furniture

and set everything in their respective places. The owner requested for one day for making the rent
agreement for Frieze. Alex convinced him a great deal to finish the formalities sooner. They were
already late for office and exhausted. Peter refused to go to office and called in a sick day already.

Frieze still wanted to go to office to work. Alex had no option but to join her since they had to complete
the whole set of CTCs for the newly hired employees. She also had to send the interview details and
offer letters to many of the candidates who were interviewed recently. As she sat on her office chair,
she was happy that she finally got a house just fifteen minutes away from office. She could take a cab
or ask Peter or Alex to pick her up. Now that they were in the same apartment premises, they could
also go together to office. But, she was still worried until she sees the house agreement right in her
hand. Alex promised her that he would collect it along with the keys so that she could go on ordering
for the furniture. She would be having a hectic time shifting to the new apartment. She was glad that
Peter and Alex were there to help her out with it.

It was evening already and her shift was already over. Alex came in and asked her to join him for
dinner. He informed her Peter would be directly coming to the restaurant as he needed a change of
clothes he felt. Being a model, he liked being in style even while dining out. On the other hand, Alex did
not care about his looks. As long as Peter liked him, he was least bothered about other peoples’
judgements and opinions. Alex told her to join, feeling guilty, she said she wants to go home and
change first too. She stinks of fish with all of house hunting and still wearing the same clothes for more
than twelve hours. Alex was happy to take her to her house and then back again to the restaurant
where Peter would be already waiting. Peter had already booked a table for three. On the way, Frieze
quickly called Rose informing about her dinner plan and not to prepare dinner for her. Rose was happy
that she was going out. She opened her cupboard and took out a dress for her that she used to wear
when she was younger. She often thought of letting Frieze try few of her dresses of the yester
generation imagining her classic look. Frieze agreed to wear anything she chose for her and requested
her to keep it ready as she would be in a hurry already.

Dori already shifted and was with Idri in his room. They were waiting for Julie to call them for dinner.
Meanwhile, Rose waited in the guest room for Frieze with one of her old dresses that still looked brand
new. Frieze and Alex walked fast into the room. Rose stood up with a ‘Tadahhhhhh’ showing the sequin
black dress in front of her. She had no idea that Rose had a collection of this sexy dress. It was little
short and sleeveless. Frieze has never worn such a dress before. Alex clapped and jumped as he saw
the dress. He could not control his mouth and spoke excitingly, “You mother in law is wild. Frieze, you
will be attracting several handsome men at the restaurant today. Now I wish I was not committed. Don’t
tell Peter…Shhhh….”

Rose already knew about Alex being gay. Frieze has mentioned a lot about him. Alex is handsome and
Peter too. But, she was happy to see that Frieze has good friends in the city. They both talked for a
while. Frieze took a shower and put the dress on. It was short and her cleavage was showing. She was
too shy to come out of the bathroom until Rose pulled her by force. Alex was already ready with a hair
dryer and a comb to put a nice hairstyle for her. He decided to put a bun so that her backless dress
gives her the sexy look. Rose gave her a light makeup look just to enhance the beauty of the dress.
Frieze was shocked to see herself in the mirror. She looked hot and no more the cute pretty woman.
Rose and Alex were proud of their accomplishments. Julie stood there outside the room informing
about dinner being ready. She was mesmerized to see the hostess this pretty. She complimented her
and went back to help in serving the dinner.

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