Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 27: Looking For Her

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Simon left right after dinner. Rose and David were sitting in the balcony of their room having hot ginger
water. Frieze was lying down in her bed in the guest room reading her favorite novel “You Are Still My
Wife.” She was sleepy after traveling but she was so addicted to reading the book that she was
planning to at least read a few more chapters. Idri came home just to find Julie in the hall. She greeted
him but he did not respond. He walked up to his room just to find it empty. He saw his night clothes on
the bed rest so he knew Frieze was must have arrived as she always had the habit of keeping the
clothes ready for him for all the purposes whether it was office, holiday and even clothes for the night.
This was her habit and he was habituated to find the clothes right on the bed whenever he entered. He
simply picked all his clothes and headed to the bathroom for a shower expecting his wife to be back to
the room once done. He took a hot shower and felt relaxed. The sadness that he had in his heart which
he does not know why was gone as he realized Frieze was back home. He waked out of the bathroom
just to find the room still empty. Frieze was nowhere in the room. He walked to his parents’ room.
Finding them in the balcony, he walked up to them asking for her.

“Where is Frieze? Is she home? She is not in the room or hall. I thought I will find her here. She is not
here either. Has she gone out somewhere? It is really late.” Idri just spoke without caring about their
reaction or hatred towards him.

Rose spoke dominantly, “She has shifted to the guest room. I believe you have looked for her at the
wrong places. Congratulations on your divorce.”

Idri looked confused.

David clarified “Frieze has signed the divorce papers which you have signed earlier. Simon brought
them today during dinner time. She would not like to be with you in the same room after signing the
papers. So, she shifted to the guest room. You will find her. Make sure you don’t disturb her sleep.”

Idri didn’t say a word. He nodded and walked out of the room. As he reached the main hall area, he ran
towards the guest room banging the door. Frieze stood up out of fear jumped out of the bed in shock.
Then he heard Idri calling. He was not sure why he was so agitated after being informed that she has
signed the papers. She gave a sign of relief. She nearly had a heart attack. She bookmarked the
chapter she was reading and walked up to the door to open it. An angry Frieze spoke, “Why are you
banging the door? Do you want to break it? I am in the middle of understanding what goes around in
the office after he finds out his car is stolen.”

Idri was confused and disgusted. “Whose car got stolen? Who is he?”

He was even more irritated with the mention of a ‘He’.

“It is a novel I am reading. The story is so interesting. I just want to go on reading it and here you are
disturbing my reading time. I have signed the divorce papers if you have come for it. I have handed
over to Simon already. You can talk to him about it. You are free and now peace out. Good Night.”

As she turned her back to him, he grabbed her by her arms. He looked in her eyes and Frieze just
stood there frozen. She does not remember when was the last time he touched her. She felt the barrier
between them now and she just realizes everything is over now. Seeing her discomfort, he releases her
hand. He coldly thanks her for signing the papers and leaves. As she stands there seeing him leave, all
she hears is the loud bang of his bedroom door closing. She was confused and felt weird. Idri, in his
room leaning against the door was talking to himself. “Idri, which wife is gets super excited to sign a
divorce paper. It took me around five hours to finally sign the papers. If Dori was not insisting, I would
have had not signed today but tomorrow. She just looked so happy to leave me. Did she ever love me?
To top it all, she got angry at me for disturbing her during her reading time. She got angry at me for
some stupid novel. What is wrong with her? She did not even care to call me to inform that she signed?
No signs of emotions on her face and here I am getting anxious for no reason. Have she moved on
already? It is not wrong. I have moved on and moving in already with my girlfriend tomorrow. It is fine

for me to be treated this way like she does not care to inform me when she shifted to the guest room,
when she doesn’t want to be in the same room with me, when she signed the divorce papers and all
that. It is really fine. I feel demoted. Like how I robbed her off her wife rights, I think she did the same to

What Goes Around Comes Around Eh!!!

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