Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 26: Back To Kay City

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Frieze was back home in the evening. She called up her parents informing about her arrival. Rose and
David waited for her in the main hall. She greeted them and walked up to the room to change. While in
the room, she felt like a knife stabbing her. This was her last few minutes in her bedroom that was once
hers. She decided to take a shower first and call Julie to help her out in shifting her belongings to the
guest room. This would be her last time that she will be using his bathroom too. She was nostalgic. As
water from the shower ran down through her body, the flashback was making her heart pound. She
started remembering her wedding, her entry to this room with all the flowery decorations and all the
moments that made her feel so special. Her life was heaven and she does not regret keeping these
memories in her heart. She wishes to cherish them forever.

She calls in Julie to help her move the luggage into the guest room for a few days until she finds a new
apartment on rent. She cannot tell anyone for now as everyone will object to it. She needs to start
hunting for a house from tomorrow and work at night searching for them. Julie informed her that Dori is
supposed to be in the guest room as per Idri’s instructions. Frieze was shocked and wondered if he has
already asked her to move-in with him, then why is he making her stay in the guestroom. She is a
guest in the house now only for a few days and she would be living soon. Dori is the hostess and she
should be the one staying in Idri’s room. She insisted upon shifting to the guest room. Julie was
helpless. She was unhappy to see the sight in front of her but she had to follow the orders. Meanwhile,
Simon comes home with the divorce papers. She sees a sweaty Frieze pushing the luggage with Julie
to the other room next to the bedroom. Simon runs to help carrying the papers. He hands them to
Frieze telling her about the papers. She stood there frozen. She told Julie to move away and he picked
up the luggage at once to place it inside the room. Julie was impressed by his strength. She clapped
with joy. Frieze who was zoned out came back to senses hearing her claps.

“Simon, thanks for coming. I will sign them and you can hand over to Idri. He has already signed the
papers in office today and you are left to sign.”

“Oh, he is very quick to signing the papers. I will sign them now. You can take them to the court for

Julie was feeling awkward hearing the conversion. She offered to leave them alone.

“Why are you shifting to the guest room?”

“We are mentally divorced. We are left with the last string which will be broken once the divorce
formalities are over. So, I am basically a guest here in this house and I don’t think I can stay with that
man in the same room anymore.”

“You are a kid. What is a mental divorce? It is a brand new term for me. Haha.”

She closed her mouth trying not to laugh at his mocking. She quickly went into her room while Simon
looked around the guest room admiring its interiors. He thought Idri has a good taste of interiors but not
a good taste when it comes to Dori. But, he does not care anymore. Frieze is happy the way she is and
all set to start a good life for a positive beginning.

She pulls the drawer takes a pen out and asks Simon for guidance on places where her signature is
required. Simon with a heavy sigh points his fingers in the places where she signs attentively.

“Done. It is confirmed that we are divorced. My marriage ends today finally. I cannot believe but I guess
this is what is written in my book of destiny.”

“Now, what is a book a destiny? Another new term for me. I learnt two new terms from your dictionary.”

They both laughed. Meanwhile, Julie came to the room informing about dinner. She also mentioned
about Idri going out for dinner with Dori and so he won’t be back home soon. As they walked to the
dining hall, Rose and David already waited at the table for them. Frieze and Simon sat down opposite

“I signed the divorce papers. Simon please send me a copy of the approved divorce agreement. I mean
the stamped ones stuff over the email. I want to keep a reference of the same for documentation

David inquired, “How much time will it take to file the papers and get the approval?”

Simon says in confused state, “I am not sure. I will go tomorrow and get some information about it.”

Rose’s eyes were teary. Frieze smiles at her.

“I have shifted to the guest room now. I am already tired with all the traveling. Arghh… Both of you can
come and visit me in my new apartment whenever you feel like. I will share my location once I find and
finalize one.”

“So, where are you planning to shift?” Simon asked.

“Somewhere near office for sure. I cannot travel so much to and fro if I stay somewhere distant. I want
an apartment where I can simply go walking to my office now that I have a choice to do so.”

Rose started teasing her. “I envy you. You are so single once again and making your decisions. It is
good that you are not stuck with a husband.” Rose winks at Simon.

David frowns at her and complains, “What did I do to you? I am a nice man. I tolerated you till this age
of my life.”

“You tolerated me? Excuse me? Care to repeat one more time and I will show you how you actually
tolerate” Rose was all ready to quarrel.

“Haha.. Calm down. Take it easy. Stop waging a war both of you.”

All laughed at the table while Idri was with Dori in the restaurant eating silently. He was not in a good
mood after signing the papers in the afternoon. If Dori was not insisting upon signing quickly, he would
had taken a day more to mentally prepare himself. He was wondering if Frieze has signed the papers
already. Simon will be at his house at the moment. Dori will be shifting to my house tomorrow after my
office. Everything seems sorted but he is still sad. His heart is heavy and little he could understand the

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