Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 25: No Support For Dori

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It was not so easy for me to re-enter Idri’s life. I was so worried that I will have to work so hard. Like I
thought, Frieze will be a dumb girl. Who lets her husband off so easily? If I was in her place, I would
had murdered the woman pestering my husband already. She is a fool. Idri does not love me. He is just
with me because of sympathy. He is another fool to believe in my story. Frieze at least changed him
when it came to emotions. He was a cold hearted person but now I do feel the warmth inside him. The
best part is the warmth is for me. I don’t expect his love but I will be fine as long as he is marrying me. I
will have enough money and support to grab a hold over the fashion designing industry eventually. My
assistant will continue to be with me of course. He won’t create trouble even after I get married since
he does not have the habit of being with a single woman for long. Frieze should be welcomed with the
divorce papers tomorrow and as she signs it, I should be able to shift to Idri’s home by the following
day. Idri already told me to start packing my bags so that I don’t leave anything behind at the last
moment. I stay miles away from Idri’s residence.

I went to my father’s room to inform him about my move-in with Idri. He was engrossed in some
reporting in his laptop. I waited for him to finish and knocked at the door asking if I could come in. He
stood up from his chair and told me to come inside. I spoke hesitatingly. Ever since his wife, I mean my
mother left him, he smiles less often. He is cold to emotions and he was always against my spoilt
actions. He always thought my mother has spoilt me too much. This makes him even more angrier at
my mom. But, I love her. Whenever she visits, my dad prepares food by himself and all her favorite
dishes. She is a model and even though she is aging, she has been continuing to do several ads for
her cosmetic brand. My dad never liked her profession and she wanted her to join a more intelligent job
as per his outlook. They often had fights when mom came back home from late night parties. He was
not happy by her lifestyle and mom was not happy seeing her husband work under someone not
having his own independence at work. Not like she had anything against Idri and his family but she just
hated her husband being so loyal to them and giving them more importance than her at times. This is

one reason why I never told my parents that I was dating Idri. I was not sure how they would react and I
was not really serious about him. It is just that he is rich, handsome and with a good family background.

After I decided to move out of the city and shift to California, I did tell dad at the last moment in the
airport that I dated him and broke up over a text message. He looked happy with the mention of
breakup and so, he was not much angry at me. He would never appreciate me dating his boss. But,
now the situation is different. I am moving out of my dad’s house and would be staying in Idri’s house. I
can already imagine myself lying all lazy in his bedroom. I think Frieze will be shifting to the guest room
or she may leave already. I just don’t want to see her in the house after I shift. This is all I know. Even if
she stays, I will keep provoking and irritating her as much as I can to leave the house. Once the divorce
paper is signed from both the parties, I will rule. The plan has been executed well. Both of the fools
actually made things easier for me. I am a lucky bitch.

My dad waited for me to speak as I came out of my thoughts. I informed him about the plan. He did not
look happy. All he told me was some kind of warning I could not understand, “It is life. You can do
whatever you want. You are just like your mother. You will regret for separating two lovers. Karma
roams around everywhere and never spares anyone. I am not a part of this.”

What does he even mean? I am starting a new life. As a daughter, I complained that he should be
blessing me and not tell me harsh words.


I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. He already spoilt my mood. I wished him goodnight and I moved
back to my room. I already took a few clothes out to pack. I was excited to move-in with him. I had no
idea Idri will be so quick in action. He kicked his own wife really well. I wonder how will she react once
she sees me in his bedroom instead of her. I cannot wait for the moment.

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