Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 24: My First Time 2

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I am too tired with all the events that happened over the month. I just need to be alone for some time
and it really feels too good to be with myself. By head does not hurt as much as my heart does. My
parents are rude to me and Simon, my brother and bestie does not talk to me. Frieze is not returning
my calls. Dori is the only person at the moment who stands with me. But, she is not the person with
whom I share my feelings. It was either Simon or Frieze. Maybe I need to turn the tables and start
sharing things with Dori instead. Times have changed and I blame myself for it. Frieze is my best friend
and I lost the friendship too. I am happy that she is doing fine with the divorce. I always knew she
would take things easy as she always hated drama. But, now things are changed. I broke her heart and
I don’t deserve her friendship anyway. Simon will forgive me eventually as he knows me so well. We
are the closest friends ever. I helped him convince Teresa’s parents for him and made him my business
partner. He would still say loyal to me till the end of my life for sure.

As I lay on my bed, I feel the other side empty. After marriage, I never slept alone. I never ate alone.
This is my first time after marriage. Life is changing for me but won’t be for long. I have already asked
Dori to shift with me while we were leaving from the hospital. She would be here in two days. I
understand she would need time packing her stuff. I will tell Julie to prepare the guest room for her. She
can very well stay there and start mingling with my parents eventually. This would help her a lot to get
along and you never know when she would end up having a healthy relationship with them. For Frieze,
I am not sure what she plans to do with her life. I am totally clueless. Maybe she will start dating
someone once we are officially separated. I had no idea I would come to this point of my life. It was like
I married her just yesterday and I am already leaving her. Life is strange and full of surprises. You can
never guarantee if any of the plans will actually be executed just like how one plans.

I think Frieze will arrive tomorrow. If I remember, this is what she told me about going for two days. I
think I miss her. She always kept the house filled with all the running and over talking. She is like a

small child in the house. No doubt my parents are so fond of her. I am fond of her too and even now.
She is jolly and funny though she cannot compete with my sense of humor. Why am I even thinking
about her? Am being foolish. It is wrong to think about another woman while I have decided to be with
Dori. Is Frieze really the other woman for me now? Have I robbed her off the position she had in my

There is no looking back now man. I have decided and planned everything. I will work accordingly.
Once Dori shifts here, things will start getting back to normal. I am hoping.

Frieze in B City…

I had a very good sleep after a long time. I feel so relaxed. Home sweet home feels great. For a
moment, I have forgotten all the shit I have gone through. I hope it is not some kind of a depression
sleep. I don’t feel sad though. I am just looking forward to my life that is all. As I picked my phone to
check, I saw seven miscalls. Three of the miscalls were from Idri.

Duh!!! I am not going to call him back. I don’t want to hear his voice ever again. I am so done with him.
Boycott Idri Mission starts from today and it will be of a forever duration or at least until the day I stop
loving him. I called back Simon. He was asking me about the requirements for the divorce more like an
alimony I would say. I refused to take any alimony. I just don’t want anything from him. Having to take
something from Idri even after split would mean a connection indirectly. I just want to become invisible
and disappear like we never knew each other. I want to skip these three years of my life and restart
from the time when I had no idea if someone with the name Idri even existed. Simon and Teresa were
over the call. I decided to give them a video call instead so that they can see me live and believe that I
was just super fine. Simon just cracked an ugly joke and gave a gross idea to me

“See you will be single again and you never know you can find some hot guy out there you know. You
should be happy to start dating again but make sure you have a condom.”

Teresa pretends to hit his head. “Don’t you dare spoil her. Let her concentrate on her career for now.”

Frieze was giggling at their cute fight. It was Frieze’s turn to hit the jackpot, “No wonder why Teresa
stays always tired right in the morning.”

Teresa was all red in her face. Simon opens his mouth in shock to hear what Frieze said. They never
expected her to speak something of that kind. She was always the good girl types. Simon protested
and spoke in his favor, “Really? You should come here and see our sex scenes. You will be able to
guess who is on top most of the time.”

Frieze felt awkward and Teresa was blushing even more. “You are so gross Simon. Your wife is right
here and this is how you speak. I don’t want to see anything. I will take tips from her in the future for
sure. Thanks for giving me the information. Hahaha”

They all laughed and blushed. Simon was already holding Teresa inappropriately sending chills across
her spine. Frieze hung up the phone understand what was going to happen. She left her phone in the
room and ran down to the kitchen to grab some food.

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