Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 10: Marriage Office Bureau

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First Person Frieze

I hate waking up early morning. I love sleeping till later afternoon. The only time I would like to wake up
in the morning is probably when I start going for work. But, before that I will sleep whole heartily until I
am satisfied. This day, I could understand it is important. Idri and I need to have the marriage license in
hand just to legally bind each other as a married couple. I hardly understand these legal procedures. I
had to submit so many government IDs of mine, I mean a photocopy of each and am carrying a file of
the originals as Idri instructed me to. The procedure is quite long and people actually wait in long
queues to receive the certificate. Sometimes, I have also heard that it takes two to three days to by the
time the document is verified.

Phew!! It is a lot of work indeed.

I am sitting in one of the benches outside the stamp office. Idri is busy running from one corner of the
building to another. He could very well ask his assistant to take care of all the procedure but he has
massive trust issues. I wish Simon was here. He can help him. They are so late. Even his parents did
not arrive yet. They reached Kay city early in the morning and I am sure they are tired. Hence, the
delay. Idri could have waited at the same time for one more day. He is just impatient. He did not want to
waste time in legal procedure. In fact, he already planned for an advanced honeymoon next week. I
insisted upon spending time with his parents, he refused. He wants me to give all my time to him first. I
had no idea that a son would get all possessive of me giving time to his parents even. Men are different
types of humans in today’s world. I really do not understand. I am just going with the flow.


Right after a few minutes of self-talk, I saw two Porsche being parked outside the building. I am
guessing there is Simon and Teressa in one and most probably in the other, it could be Idri’s parents.
My phone started ringing. It was mommy.

Hi Mommy, how are you?

Hey my little girl, what have you been doing? My mommy always had different names to address me
every time. This is very typical of her and daddy is worst. Trust me.

Mommy, I am at the office of the licensor for the marriage certificate. I am not sure about the technical
word of such places but hope you understood what I meant. How is daddy?

Daddy is standing right behind me squeezing my shoulders to let me talk to you.

“Hey sugary island! Daddy is right here.”

See I told you daddy is worst at calling me by names.

I started complaining “I have been sitting here in this humid weather all this time. The registrar is simply
making Idri run. Why does it so much time? To top it all, Idri could have asked his assistant or Simon to
take care of things and he would have had just sat with me here. At least I would not get bored.” I
pouted at the disappointed scene.

Daddy on the other side “Do not worry pink pumpkin, this experience comes only once in a lifetime.
Just experience this day for the license. The final result will be rewarding. We also experienced it once
and even if we remarry again, we will still not experience the same ugly moment at the registrar office

Mommy hits her husband’s abdomen with her elbow. I could imagine with that “yaks ouch” coming over
the phone.

Mommy and Daddy, I will hang up now. Idri’s parents are here and Simon too. I may be called inside
the office anytime. I will call you once this nightmare is over.

With this I hung up, I could already see Idri’s parents walking towards me. Teresa came running and
hugged me tight. Simon followed with a Hi-five. I am getting along well with her and she is my only
friend in this city. We both feel it because both are from the same city and left the city to be with the
man of their lives. She supports me well. Idri’s mother is also nice to me. I could already tell she is fond
of me. When I met her for the first time in her house, Idri brought me here to his home for a day to meet
his parents. His parents, David and Rose were very excited to see me. They gave me a warm
welcome. Rose could not stop staring at me and she felt I was really very cute. Looking at my young
looks, she could not believe that I was twenty-eight years old. She actually thought I was some twenty
and Idri tried to marry someone who is more than ten years younger than him. This was funny. I still
remember how Idri was frowning at his mother for speaking that way to embarrass his own son. This
was more like it. She definitely loves me more now as compared to her son.


Rose walked me up to the living room while David and Idri sat opposite us. David asked a few serious
questions like my job, education and my family background. It was obvious for a parent to be
concerned and they had to make sure that they were marrying the right girl. I was working as an HR
recruitment lead in one of the IT firms in B city. I was happy to speak of it. Rose on the other side, held
my hand motivating me to speak more and eventually my nervousness was gone. Then they started
talking about the good and bad habits of their son. Rose also suggested to ask her for tips in case I
would need some to tame a husband. David gave a devilish laugh at his wife and the exchange looked
so beautiful. I could imagine being in the same state when we both grow old. Idri was on the other hand
blushing. This is the first time he has brought a girl home. I am aware of his past relationship with Dori
and I indeed appreciated the fact that he was transparent about the truth. Dori and Idri never had the
relationship which we had. We had this attachment and emotional connection which he never felt with
Dori. He has moved on easily and really quick. I appreciate how he took his advancements towards me
that I did not feel any pressure from his side. In fact, he was that best friend of mine with whom I was
able to share everything. I am lucky that we are discussing on our wedding today with my best friend’s

parents. Marrying a best friend is the biggest gift ever because I strongly believe that friendship is very
important in a relationship.

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