Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 22: B City Memories

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Frieze reached her parents home and both her parents stand right at the gate with questioning eyes.
The caretaker is surprised too. The cook is in a rush to make her favourite dishes. She got late buying
all the supplies. Frieze just called them up to inform her visit just after she boarded the plane. They had
only two hours to make all the preparations. Her parents were worried that she left Idri's home after a
while. But, as they saw a small suitcase that can hardly contain three pairs of clothing, they were
relieved. However, they were still shocked to see her early morning right in their house. She did not
look sad or disturbed.

She handed over the luggage to the caretaker who carried it inside. Frieze hugged her mother and
father saying that she is very hungry. Her parents are aware of her hunger spree. She takes her inside
the house and suggest her to change. She quickly kisses her mother and father on their cheeks and
rushes to her room.

Her room still remains the same. The only thing changed is the fact that the person to whom this room
belongs to does not stay here anymore. She is nostalgic about her times here. After she got married,
she has not got a chance to come back to rejoice her old memories. She feels sad about the changes
occurred in her life so quick. She opened the Mickey Mouse cupboard and all her clothes have been
neatly folded in different sections. The dresses hung in the closet. She never liked folding her clothes
and so, she used to just throw her clothes into the closet. She would call out for her mommy or the
caretaker to find her clothes from the dump. She often complained about not having anything to wear
while the closet is filled with clothes that one cannot even close the door properly. Her mommy was
glad that she took some of her clothes to her husband's house and at last, the door could be closed
firmly. Now you know why Idri was reluctant to tell her to pack all her clothes. The amount of clothes
she had is equivalent to about ten people. Of course, she donates many of her clothes to NGOs but
just to get filled-in soon.

Now that she remembers the old times, she is sad and at the same time happy to be back home. She
takes a shower and wears her usual pajama with a baggy t-shirt. As she goes into the dining hall, her
mother gets emotional to see her at home like the old Frieze who used to run to the hall to eat. She
feels like she has gone back to time but she looks more mature now than before her wedding.

Frieze sits next to her dad and Mom is sitting opposite them. Dad looks at Frieze while serving her fried
rice with tofu steaks. He speaks after serving, "So, what brings you here all of a sudden? You did not
inform us. I called Idri but his cell phone was switched off. He didn't come along with you?"

Her mother inquired, "Is he not worried to send you alone here? Why he did not come along?"

Frieze was only feeling the pressure of the questions being shot at her. She needs to still remain calm
and speak casually about the news. She gulped down a few spoons of rice and some water as she
gets ready to speak, "Idri and I have decided to file for a divorce. We are just meant to be together.
Please don't get worried about me. I have already decided to finish my work contract and shift back to
B city. I don't want you both to get stressed out but support me in my new start of life okay."

Her parents were in tears.

"I don't want to see salt water running down your cheeks.. Ewwww... Look at me. Do I look upset? Yes
if was a long term relationship and probably at your old age, if I had gone through this, then maybe my
eyes would had poured salt water onto every dish on this table."

They were laughing and sad at the same time. Dad spoke after a long sigh, "What happened exactly
between you two? It is not even a year and by the way, we are not old. We are still young at heart."
Dad patted her head like she was a small puppy.

Mom on the other hand, was still lost in thoughts. She stopped eating and she was no more smiling.
Frieze spoke to distract her as she walks to her side "Don't worry mommy. Whatever happens,

happens for the good. I will be single again and this time, I am get you a sexy son in law and my Mr.
Right. Do not worry about what happened between us. Our decision is mutual and we are happy to split
for a new beginning. We make mistakes and we move on."

Mom gets up from her chair and hugs her. "We are with you Frieze. Hope you are making the right
decision for yourself. Stay strong. I know your drama and i can already feel your broken heart. You
want us to stay stress free but we understand you. We will stay strong for you."

Frieze could only hug her tighter and her father patted her shoulders. She tried not to look upset. After
the family moment, Frieze finally spoke "Thank you for being so strong for me. I have my flight
tomorrow evening. I am in a contract job remember? I cannot take more than two days leave at a
stretch until I complete six months in office which is my probation period. I go rest for a while. I woke up
early to catch the flight."

Dad and Mom nodded in union and walked her to her room talking about her future plans. They were
happy that she took the hard times well and Frieze was happy that they took the news well. Her much
expected family drama did not happen.

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