Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 12: Wild Idri

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We reached home. Simon and Teresa went back to their house while Idri’s parents were resting in their
room for a good sleep. All of us were exhausted and sleepy. It was a long day and a late afternoon
already. I walked towards the cupboard to pick some comfortable clothes and even find a pair for Idri.

Idri insisted up on not to carry much of my clothes to Kay city. There were luggage weight restrictions
and I knew that the amount I will be paying at the airport will definitely be higher than the cost of the
clothes in the luggage. Maybe I could bring them in batches eventually. Even though we were traveling
in his private plane, the airport authority will still not allow too many luggages per passenger although
his plane had the capacity to hold the weight. So, I carried only a few clothes but all my precious items
including ny educational certificates. I also carried some of my books that were my all time favourite.
My shoes were something I could definitely not leave behind either. I have a shoe size of only 2.5 and I
would be requesting shoemakers to make me a pair that I like since companies do not manufacture
shoes of this particular size under adult section.

I definitely don't want to go to a kid's shoe section. That would be really embarrassing. Above all, I do
need to pay extra making charges for my shoes and hence, my shoe collection is unique and one of it's
kind. I was successful in convincing Idri to let me take my shoes at least with me. He could not say no
to my puppy face drama and little he understood that it was drama. Even if he refused, I would had still
carried them anyway. I was just trying to be at peace with my soon going to be husband at that time
you know. All my shoes are still in the luggage and hopefully tomorrow I will be free to sort them in the
shelf successfully. Before I could even arrive at his house, the moment I opened his cupboard, I
already saw brand new clothes for me that were meant to be worn outside and at home. They were
separated in different sections. He even bought some lingerie and I am surprised how he knew my size
this perfect. He was already making me fall for him over again. He knows so much about me and takes
care of my well being. As I started searching through the clothes, something unexpected happened.

A shirtless Idri hugged me from behind. I could already feel his bare chest against my back.

I was shocked and blushing. I was just so shy. It is not the first time that I have seen him shirtless but I
don't know why I feel butterflies in my stomach. He held my waist and kissed the back of my neck
passionately. It felt so good. He reached for my chain at the back of my dress. He quickly removed my
dress and I was left with my lingerie. I turned towards him and kissed him on his warm lips that were
just kissing my back a while ago. His tongue was inside my mouth and mine inside his. As he
continued to kiss me, my hands travelled down his pants. I unbuttoned it and unzipped the chain. He
allowed his pair of jeans to sleep through and threw them out of sight. He was now with his boxers
which he opened too and flipped it open. I was even more shy now to see my husband stripping right in
front of me.

I saw his hard stick already aiming at me. He pulled me close towards him and the towel I had in my
hand was already fallen on the ground. He slowly took one of my hand that I was hold behind his neck
as I kissed towards his hard dick. I held it and rubbed it.

He took my bra off me and as my chest was exposed, he started kissing my breasts. I left a moan. He
slowly picked me up and placed me on the bed carefully. He even removed my bottom, the last thing I
had on me.

The next moment he was on top of me kissing me everywhere. He tasted me everywhere and my
screams got louder. If someone heard me outside, I don't care at the moment because I can't control
myself. Idri took out a condom from the drawer. He had several boxes of them. Last time I checked the
drawers, I didn't see these.

Don't tell me he has started to stalk condoms in our bedroom. Idri is already at a loose. I did not see
this side of him before. So passionate and he does it with so much accuracy.

The next moment, he was inside me. He was soft and the thrust got wilder. It was my first time that I
experienced it. I finally gave in my virginity to the man I love. We were panting once we were done. He
lay next to me and extended his hand to hug me. I turned to look at him and he smiled at me.

"Hope you enjoyed it. We will do this often." Idri spoke looking right into my eyes.

I blushed and dig my face into his chest. He hugged me and the next moment, we were sound asleep
tired and naked.

He was so wild and so passionate. He just made me feel so good that I could not help enjoy every
moment. Hearing my moans, he was getting much more motivated than ever. I would die a happy life
for sure.

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