Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 21: Because Love is Sacrifice 2

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Frieze first person

Here I am sitting on the flight to B city. I have cried enough and I am so done. Dark circles are a pain
and I definitely don’t want them. I remember when I was studying for my MBA and I had my final
semester examinations. I had to meanwhile prepare for interviews and study different management
case studies to explain during the interviews. I had double studies to do and often I used to stay up
night doing so. I had dark circles by the time my examinations got over and cracked an interview with a
giant company. I was happy but I was upset to see the round black circles under my eyes. I called up
my aunts and friends to give me home remedies to clear the dark circles but none seemed to work. I
really wanted to avoid cosmetics as my skin is too sensitive to bear the brunt of chemicals. Hence, I
never put makeup. It causes itching and red rashes on my skin. I can only manage to put baby
products on my skin. It works wonders and really keeps my face healthy. But, I had to buy a corrector
pen for my dark circles as Teresa’s dermatologist recommended and it was only after four months of
use that my dark circles were finally gone. It was even difficult for me to remember that I had to apply it
under my eye three times a day. That was a lot of work for me and really got me frustrated. I had to put
reminders every day for three times a day to use the pen. I am glad it worked otherwise I would had
scolded Teresa left and right for having me waste my time with a dermatologist appointment as well as
the three times a day show. Anyways, Teresa has been texting me all this time send me all the
motivational quotes to stay strong.

Gosh! I cannot believe I am going through the divorce phase and I am myself visiting my parents to
announce the news. I am stronger than I thought. Everyone in life makes mistake. I am not perfect
though I considered myself very smart once upon a time. I wish I could go back to last year and reject
his marriage proposal. I know I am thinking wicked but I think rejection would not put me in pain at
least. Marriage has broken my heart entirely. My tears have dried up and I have cried myself to sleep
over a month. I am so done with him and I want to look ahead to my single adventurous life again. I can
travel wherever I want and I don’t have to think of missing him anymore. It was my mistake that I

thought his love was true. Men will be men is something I heard of and I am experiencing it today. It is
so hard to find a good guy in today’s world. Even if he tells that he would buy you a land in the mood,
you should know this very man would change once you actually marry him. For men like this, that we
girls lose faith and end up having trust issues even over the good guys out there. I am sure there are
many good guys and the only thing is that we should have those super powers to identify them. I am
not upset that Idri is back with Dori. What is making me upset is about the fact that he could have done
it in a more graceful way. I feel betrayal for over a month now. If I was not telling him voluntarily that I
know it all, I would had been in the dark I am not sure for how long. I have rejected so many guys in my
life and this is my Karma. What goes around, comes around eh??

I will be single and kicking again. Once I am back, I should start looking for a rented apartment near my


It would be fun staying alone. I wonder what all I will be doing. Maybe like dancing around with some
hip-hop music and even play badminton on the wall. I will decorate my new house with a pleasant
theme. I cannot wait to start a new life. I do have plans to move back to Kay City but I have a two-year
old contract to complete in ABX Corporations. The contract also mentions that if I leave the company
before the contract end date, I can do so by paying the liability charges amounting to ten million dollars.
Such a huge amount. I am so stuck with this job. I like the job but I don’t want to be in the same city as
my going to be ex-husband. Once I am out of his house after I sign the papers, I would not like to see
him again ever in my life. I will make sure he will not feel my existence. I will go far away from him and
eventually I will forget him. I don’t want to create complications. I just want to live free and tension free.
I have decided to move on already and I will be a new person once I head back to Kay City. Few more
minutes, I will be landing in B city. I refused my dad’s offer to pick me up. He better stay with mommy
and I can definitely manage an airport taxi to my home. I wonder how would they react. I will try my
best to be as funny as possible so that they don’t take much tension. This is going to be tough. I have

already planned my next life after the divorce and I really want them to help me focus on it rather than
my past with Idri. He must have been discharged from hospital now. I have already paid the hospital
bills as David told me to and Dori was already there for him. I had nothing to worry. So, I did not really
care to check on him. David is a strong man who had the ability to send his own son to the hospital just
by a kick. His parents love me a lot and they can always meet me in my new apartment whenever they
feel like. I will not see Idri and make sure he will never see me again in his life. His parents are
sweethearts. At least he cannot separate me from his parents. They are mine still and would be even
after divorce. Since I still love him and I want to see him happy always, I wish him all the happiness and
good luck with Dori.

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