Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 20: Because Love is Sacrifice

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Frieze headed home and as she reached her room, she closed the door to lean against it. She was
weak on her knees and sat down continuing to lean her back on the door. She sat still and tears came
flowing down her cheeks. She started sobbing and the cries got fiercer. She was heartbroken and all
she did all this time was to play it cool just to see him happy. She did not want to put any kind of
pressure on him as she knew everyone just left him all alone. She is not disappointed as Simon from
hiding everything from her but glad she knew indirectly through Dori’s social media account that helped
her overcome her broken feelings. She was waiting for this day to hear Idri tell her about the divorce.
She was not sure until today where he finally said it. She continued to cry until someone knocked at the
door. She knew it was not Idri as he was in the hospital and he would be discharged only by tomorrow.
He got up from the floor, wipe all her tears and finally opened the door when she was confident about
her looks. Outside the room stood Rose and David. They asked if they could come inside. Rose held
her hand and made her sit on the bed while David closed the door behind him.

David pulled a chair towards her both facing Frieze. She waited for them to speak as she could already
see how much they wanted to say things but did not where to start. She gave an encouraging look to
both of them signaling them to speak and she is ready to listen.

David spoke first, “We have seen you as our daughter and never a daughter in law. When Idri brought
you here for the first time, we just felt that our longing for a daughter has come to an end. I could never
imagine it is that son who is now trying to make you leave us and this home. I am ashamed. Hope you
will forgive us for all the wrongdoings.”

Rose continued before Frieze could actually speak, “You can choose not to divorce him. Let him suffer.
Let them not be together. This is not fair. He promised you all the happiness and how dare he take it all
away. I am shameful of my own son.”

Frieze just smiled at both joyfully. Rose looked at David surprised. David looked at Frieze surprised.

With a heavy sigh, Frieze spoke, “I am happy that he has taken a decision for himself. If I don’t divorce
him, we are destroying three lives here. There will always be tension in the house and mental fitness is
important you know.” She winks at them and continues, “I love my husband and as your son, I know
you both love him too. For the sake of our love for him, let us just see him happy ok? It is not entirely
his fault. When I met him for the first time, I should had ignored him right from the start. A second
choice would had been telling him to go back and talk things out with Dori just to be sure he has moved
on. Instead, I willfully became a rebound and replaced her. I am happy he finally realized it though very
late. We are already married now. We cannot clap with both hands you know. I should had taken the
responsibility to understand his happenings in his life but I guess I misinterpreted his feelings to be

Rose took her hand, and looked at her, “Are you alright? Do you even know that your letting your
husband loose and supporting his wrongdoings? You need not be a Goddess here and sacrifice your
love. You already sacrificed enough.”

“If you think I have sacrificed a lot, then let me do it for one last time because love is also sacrifice. We
sacrifice a lot in life for the sake of love. This would be my last. My love for him will also die soon like
his.” She was no more smiling. Her tears came back again but still controlling them from falling.

David kept his hand on her head, “I know what you are going through and you are just trying to be ok.
You are our daughter and you need not do the drama of being strong. You can cry until they are dry.
Whatever decision you make; we are always your parents. You will always be our daughter. You can
also stay with us after divorce if you wish to.”

Frieze hugged David and her cheeks were soaked in tears.

Frieze sat back on the bed, wiped her tears and spoke confidently, “I have my whole life ahead of me.
You never know I would end up with someone sexier than your son. You are invited to my second

wedding in advance. Hahaha…”

Rose and David joined her for the joke she made. As she stopped laughing and Rose just pretended to
hit her with her elbow, she managed to dodge back and speak, “I would be shifting to a rented
apartment after I sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, if you don’t mind, May I please move to the guest
room once I come back from my parents’ home? Ohh! I forgot to mention that I am traveling to B city to
tell them the news to them. I don’t want them to hear the news as some shock while I am here in
another city. I will be back on Monday morning. I have already asked for leave for a week from my

Rose and David sounded upset but could not help. All they could do is be on her side as she moves on
in her life. They spoke nothing but stood up to leave. They hugged Frieze for one last time and turned
to leave. They were heartbroken as much as Frieze was. Frieze closed the door and decided to take a
shower. She was already late packing her bags and decided to finish it quickly to at least sleep for a
few hours before heading to the airport.

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