Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 19: The Storm

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I walked inside my parents’ room. My mom hugged me and David offered me to sit next to him on his
bed. My mom sat beside me. I was sitting in between them and I felt even more pressurized to speak
what was going on in my mind. I took a deep breath and spoke that I want to divorce Frieze. I told them
the whole scene and next moment, dad stood up facing me and slapped me hard. I fell on the bedside
and mom did not try to stop her husband. I could just struggle to stand and look down on the ground
because I know I messed up. It was all my fault. I ruined three lives here and my family have been
affected. I have hurt my parents and would probably hurt Frieze’s parents as well. This would be a
reaction that every parent would give when their son turns out to be a bastard.

Mom spoke first while my dad looks at me like he would murder me right away “Are you not ashamed?
You are saying you want to divorce that girl who considered you her everything? She accepted us like
her own parents and she has already done so much for our happiness? Do you know I never felt your
absence at home when she was always there to take care of us? How can you even be so selfish and

Dad finally opened his mouth, “At this age, we regret to call you our son. You are just spoiling our
image and we are too weak to face our daughter in law now.”

One last kick on my head from dad and I fainted. I could hear my mom’s voice cursing me but I could
not understand what she was saying. I closed my eyes seeing my mom’s angry face.

The next moment when I opened my eyes, I was in the hospital room. Next to me, stood Frieze with a
worried face. I could barely smile at her. I looked around to find the others. But, I was all alone with her.
I asked her confused, “Who brought me here?”

Frieze spoke smiling pleasantly, “Your dad called the ambulance to bring you here. You fainted in dad’s
room while you were proposing a divorce for us. He is really angry but don’t worry everything is going
to be alright. I promise. Since he sent you here alone, Rose informed me and I hurried here.”

Did Frieze mention divorce and in such a cool tone? Did she know already? Did Simon tell her
everything or was it Rose? She is not upset. She is not crying. I cannot see swollen eyes. Did she not
even cry? How is she so cool while everyone else is storming at me like I am the bad guy. I was
confused again. My head had an ugly pain and it seemed to be busting already. I suffered a lot and I
am repenting.

I asked her how did she know about the divorce idea. I wanted to clear everything now.

Frieze with a heavy sigh spoke, “We are best friends you know. Even if you lie to me, you should know
you would be caught. I know you were meeting Dori for lunch and you always lied about having lunch
in the canteen. Simon does not talk to you like he used to as a brother from another mother as you
keep saying it because you decided to get back to Dori. I did have a feeling and wanted to ask if it was
love from your side or a mere attraction before the wedding. I ignored my instincts. I still thought this
phase will pass and maybe you are deviated seeing your ex-girlfriend.”

I gave an apologetic look and was about to speak when she brought her hand in front of me telling me
not to say anything. I stopped and let her continue.

She continued, “You went along with her for a month. I knew this was coming up. Everyone is upset but
don’t worry. They will all understand you one day. I definitely know you more than everyone else, so I
was quick to knowing what is going in your mind. I just wished if you discussed with me instead of

That is the asshole. Simon spilled all the beans. He is the one who spoke everything now. He is such a

“If you are thinking Simon spoke everything out to me, you are wrong. On my way to the hospital, Rose
told me everything. It was not surprising because I knew about it already. It is just that I played it cool.

When I called Simon to inform that you have been admitted to your dad’s hospital, he refused to come
over. That is when, I knew his part of the story.”

She is a sweetheart. I liked the way she is bravely and maturely handling things. She is Frieze after all.
If it was some other girl and even Dori, the scene would have been dramatic for sure.

“Would you like to call in Dori? Maybe she can stay with you in the hospital for the night? I am going to
my parents’ home tomorrow for two days just to inform them. I am afraid if I tell them over the call,
something may happen. I want to keep the atmosphere as calm as possible so that they can take the
news easy.”

She hands over her phone to him to place the call. But he did not remember his number. Then she
opened her social media profile and tried to place a call through it. Idri was quick to see all the pictures
in her profile. It was all about him and Dori. To his surprise, Frieze was in her friend list and she knew
everything about his meetings but she remained silent. He was feeling sorry for hiding everything from
her while she secretly suffered his betrayal. A sense of guilt came over his heart. With hands shaking
and having no courage to face Frieze, he placed the call to Dori telling her about his hospitalization.
While they waited for Dori to arrive, Idri finished his dinner. After thirty minutes, Dori finally entered with
tears in her eyes. Frieze stood up seeing her and gestured her to sit in the chair next to his bed where
she was sitting. She ran to him and hugged him tight and cried. Frieze just realized that she has been
ignored and picked her bag up to leave. They were busy in each other’s arm that they did not notice
when the ward’s door opened and Frieze left with tears dwelling in her eyes. All she could do is smile
and cry as she walked up to a cab to drop her home.

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