Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 16: The Lunch Date

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First Person Idri

I cannot believe I just agreed to meet Dori. I am not sure if I should tell Frieze about it. She may not like
it. I know if I ask her out for lunch or to accompany me to the lunch I accepted, she would be all ready
to give me company. But, I guess I need to take some time out to talk to Dori to make it clear that I
have settled in my life and she should stop pestering me if she has planned to do so. She was always
of the clingy kind and the way she hugged me the other day in front of Frieze, she did not seem to care
if her ex-boyfriend was now married to someone else. It was her fault that she went away and could not
give me the time I needed or I would rather call it my personal space. Frieze has this common sense to
respect my personal space while this girl does not. I have already reached the restaurant ten minutes
earlier but what I see right in front of my eyes is Dori already waving a hand at me. Since when did Dori
become so punctual. I remember during our dating scenes where she was never on time. Look at this
now, she is much ahead of me when it comes to punctuality.

I sat opposite her and the waiter greeted us handing us the menu for order. Dori greeted me politely
and had an innocent smile on her face. Her dressing style also looked odd. She hardly wore clothes
and now she was all covered in a midi dress along with a bun. She reminds me of Frieze. My wife is
the best. She always dressed simple and yet, she always looked so sassy. I am already missing her.
How I wish the woman opposite me was Frieze and not this plastic doll. We placed the order for food.
Just to act as a gentleman, I offered her the chance to order lunch. She ordered all my favorite dishes.
After three years, she still remembers all my favorite. This is surprising. As the waiter went away to give
our order, we were left alone. I was not sure how to start a conversation with her but luckily the
awkward silence was broken by Dori herself. She spoke in a soft voice “I had no idea that you will end
up getting married once I leave the city. I thought we were still in a relationship but just not in talking
terms. I rather term it as a complicated relationship. I have been waiting all these years to meet you
and even hear from you. I should had known you would betray me this way.”

Whattt!!! What did she just say? Didn’t she texted me first that it is over? We indeed broke up over a
text and I cannot go this wrong. I got angry listening to her accusation. I spoke in an irritated tone “You
cannot blame me. You left first. All you had to do is give me some time to get everything stabilized. But,
I do remember your text saying it was over. Why did you turn up only after three years but not earlier?”

“I was waiting for you and it already crossed three years of waiting. I thought you would come looking
for me. I was hoping that you will use your resources and power to track me down and come all the
way wherever I was to win me back. I was still thinking I was your girlfriend until I heard the news that
you got married.”

“See Dori, I have settled in my life now and I am a married man. I am no more your boyfriend. If you
misunderstood that we were in a relationship all this while, I am sorry. I don’t think I can help you
enough. I can pay you some million dollars if you like.”

“I don’t need your money. I want you in my life. Can we do over? I know you are married but I am sure
Frieze will be fine to see us together again. Can we try us one more time?”

“Have you gone nuts? That woman is not just my wife but my best friend. She left her ill parents, her
city, her job and everything else just to be with me here in Kay City. She is still adjusting with the
changes that have come through. Even her career is affected because she had to shift here and she is
literally starting from the scratch. She refused her promotion in her office as the department head just
because of me and the marriage. She has done a lot for me and you want me to leave her just for a
second chance to you after being married for six long months?”

“I know what I am saying is offending you. But, we were still in a relationship at the time you married
her. Don’t you think?”

“I don’t understand what you are saying. You were gone and I moved on. I dated her for five months
and I am married for six straight months. I love my wife.”

“What about my love? You owe me three years of my love life. It is not even a year with her. Maybe just
because she is your best friend, you thought it was love.”

“I know what love is. I love only her. Dori we were already over three years ago. You have
misunderstood the circumstances.”

“Please give us one chance. I will talk to Frieze. I will let her know she was just a rebound. I am ready
to bear the consequences.”


What is wrong with me???

Is she manipulating me? How can she think that I will leave Frieze. I am in love with her. Dori is my
past. She just cannot come back after three years and tell me to give her a chance. I hope I was not
too quick to indulge myself with Frieze. Was it really a rebound or an attraction towards her beauty and
innocence. What am I even thinking? This is so wrong. How do I owe Dori three years? I know I replied
just an “Okay” but it is true that it does not confirm I accepted her proposal to breakup. Was she waiting
for me all this while and I never turn up to look for her just because I was irritated by her clingy nature?

My thoughts were interrupted by Dori. She kepy her hands in mine and spoke gently with teary eyes, “I
know this would be hard for you and maybe harder for your wife. But, trust me, you are the only one I
love and have been waiting for. I have even changed myself over these years for you. I am no more the
old Dori. I have changed only for you and all I hoped for these years that you will accept me once you
see how changed I am not. Everyone has a past and time changes everything. Don’t you think you
should give me a second chance?”

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