Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 15: The Idea of Dori

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Dori first person

Idri did not even care to look for me when I left the city. I thought after I leave the city, I will be able to
grab his attention. But, my planned failed. I could not even imagine him not financing my fashion
designer boutique. I had to ask money from my father at the last moment.

Arghh.. This is so annoying. I even tried to blackmail him with a text message saying we are over. What
he did the next moment was unexpected. He just took the text message seriously and accepted it
without even a please to give him one chance. I think it was my fault that I became so impulsive. Out of
impulsiveness, I gave him what he wanted.

A breakup!!!

He finally tried to get to rid of me. We broke up over that fake text from me. I thought I was important to
him but I was not. What did he see in that girl? She was just beautiful not hot. Her breasts size is not
even like mine. It is shaped and huge that any man would enjoy playing with it like my assistant
designer. I am not dating him. He is just a friend whom I enjoy getting benefits from. Idri was not even a
good kisser. His money was the only thing that kept me close to him. I am not jealous of his wife that
she has Idri. But, I am jealous of the fact that the money is hers and so damn legally. He is even
building a shopping center in her name with she being the owner. Would he be doing the same if I was
married to him. She just got lucky and my own mistakes led me to a fall.

Since I am back in the city and my assistant is out there to look after my boutique, I should lay my
focus in separating them before he legally hands over the authority of the shopping center to his
current wife. Once they are divorced, I could quickly marry him and grab the authority on the shopping
center. I must be quick. I don't care if my father is willing to help me. It was his idea to send me off
since he did not want his job to be at stake for me. My father never understood me. However, I must
start executing my plan to separate them. I know Idri missed me. When I hugged him, he did not

struggle to push me away. I know he still has feelings for me. All I need is to ignite it and make him
believe that his feelings for me are true.

As for Frieze, she looked too weak and stupid to come my way. I must first get Idri talking to me and
propose a friendship. I called him immediately,

Hi Idri, do you recognise my voice?

What do you want? Idri was already angry but I had to keep my cool.

I am not sure how I offended you but if you did mind about my hug today, I am really sorry. I sincerely
apologize for my mistake.

"Don't touch me without my permission or my wife's permission from next time. Hope you have grown
sensible enough by now." Idri became more sensible than me. A married man's warning to his ex-
girlfriend. This sounds so dramatic.

I will not. I promise. I did not mean to break up with you. I thought you loved me and would come
looking for me while I was gone. You did not bother to even contact me. I have been waiting all this
time. Now that you are married, I should know and accept my faith.

She paused for a moment waiting to hear Idri responding to her confession.

"I have moved on and you should move on too. You left and it was your fault. I cannot help you correct
it now."

We can still be friends right? I asked with curiosity. Idri was quick to agree.

"Of course we can"

Then how about we meet for a reunion as friends tomorrow at lunch? I won't bring up the past for sure.
You can bring your wife too.

"Frieze will be busy at her office. I respect her office timings and privacy. I will see you at lunch near
office hangout bar at 2pm. I will hang up first. Bye."

He hung up too soon and I still wanted to talk more. But, to win him back, I need to take it slow. At least
he agreed to meet me.

The plan is finally executed. A lunch would be something great to start with. I should buy myself a nice
decent dress similar to what his wife was wearing. He always liked women dressed in decent clothes
with simple make up. Basically, he likes the classic look on girls. Probably that is the reason why he
liked Frieze. She did not put any make up but looked pretty. If I knew my daddy was meeting them at
his project site, I would had dressed myself into simpler clothes rather than that short hot pink dress
with my breasts rarely covered. I should change myself now to change him. I need to keep myself in
mind now and be mindful about the way I speak. I am not sure if he would sleep with me. I would miss
sex for sometime but worth sacrificing for a rich future to myself.

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