Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 14: Few Months Later

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Frieze and Idri were compiling all their pictures into different albums. The wedding album had all the
wedding pictures including the preparation times, the honeymoon album had all the honeymoon picture
including a few intimate ones that they were sure to hide it from the world and show only the decent
kind. There was a seperate album, almost empty that was labelled as 'being married' where they
decided to add all the memories they had so far and would eventually have in the future. If at all the
album gets filled, they would create a part two version of the same. Their married life was going smooth
until the day when Idri met Mr. Kane's daughter.

Mr. Kane had been working with Idri and his father, David from years. It has been his seventeenth year
at his service to this family. All the important business information would go through him upon Simon
and Idri's approval. The shopping center was built right next to a public park. The land was owned by a
small family who ran a garage for years in that area. The family was poor. When Simon and Idri offered
them a handsome settlement opportunity on the countryside with a house of their own and a million
dollar for a living. This would make them a life and hence, the agreement was quick. Mr. Kane helped
process all the legal and financial procedure for this project once everything was settled. The
construction is already half way and the building should be ready by next year.

Idri and Frieze has been married since six months now. He wanted to show the site to her and tell her
about the project. She has been working as an HR recruiter in ABX Corporations that deals with
automobile industry. The company has been doing well with foreign investors and they have several
branches across the globe. The global status of the company had mainly come in with the human
resources that they have in the company. The CEO is proud of his employees and he takes pride in the
accomplishments that his employees make.

It was not easy for her to get through but she had tried several times. Finally, in her third attempt in her
third month of arrival to Kay City that she finally got a job in the HR department. She is happy with her
new job and aspires to climb higher in this company. She is already being doing great in getting the

best resources so far with her ability to analyse candidates and their abilities. Since she was an
experienced HR already, she managed to join the senior employees team right from the beginning. Idri
requested her to join his company even before signing the offer letter, but she refused. Maybe
eventually she would join as she acquires more experience.

She loves her job but weekdays due to the nine hour shift, she could hardly meet Idri during lunch
period. Weekdays is the only time that they manage to break free from office work and spend the
daytime together. Just as they reached the site, Frieze was explained everything on the way. Mr. Kane
greeted her politely and showed her around. Idri followed silently listening to him keenly and added
additional details for Frieze whenever required. As they were done with the explanation, a girl in a pink
dress entered and hugged Mr. Kane.

Idri was quick to recognise her and his head was in turmoil when he heard her call Mr. Kane "Daddy".

She was none other than Dori. Did she go under the knife to cut a few extra fat off her face. She looks
more beautiful now and more slim.

Dori quickly rushed to Idri and hugged him before he could even react. Frieze looked at Idri for an
explanation. Mr. Kane walked forward and spoke "Dori, my dear daughter, your ex-boyfriend is married
now and his beautiful wife is right here. You should stop being this close and be more respectful."

He turned to Frieze to apologise who did not look so happy as Dori continued to hold her husband and
not releasing him.

Frieze spoke "I think we should be going now. Nice to meet you Dori. Let's go Idri."

Idri released her hands off him by a jerk and nodded good bye to Kane. They both left. Mr. Kane and
Dori started talking about the project details. Frieze on the other hand felt sad. Idri could already notice.

"Hey, I am sorry. I had no idea that Dori is his daughter. She never mentioned and he never did too."

"It is ok. I am not accusing you of anything. I just hated the sight of Dori touching you and you did not

"I was too shocked at the moment."

She continued to walk to the car without paying a heed to whatever he said. He quickly grabbed her by
her arm. He kissed her until she felt good and hugged him back. She was no more upset but reminded
him to stay away from her as she did not like her getting so close to her husband. She would not even
know how to fight for her man and prefer to just sit in some corner hurt. Idri drove her to her favorite
restaurant that served the tastiest Chinese cuisine. As she was upset, she got into the tendency to eat
more. Food is something that changes her mood to a happy one. Even Idri could never make her this
joyful as he has seen her when she sees yummy food in front of her. They chatted all the time as she
started talking about her ideas for the shopping center while Idri listened to her intently improvising few
of her ideas. They would be busy listing down all the plans over the next six months where they finally
plan to inaugurate the mall. He has been already planning for the legal proceedings with Simon. Since
Simon has a share too in the land, a part of the profit or revenue will also land in for

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