Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 13: My First Time

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Idri first person

I wanted to give my woman the pleasure of the first night. But, I saw her already so drowsy with all the
ceremonies and traveling, I did not wanted to trouble her though it was nearly impossible to make my
hard stick understand. As I was about to sleep with her, it was more difficult to control. She was already
asleep in my arms with a smile on her face. She looks even more beautiful in her sleep. I married an
angel. I did not want to disturb her in her sleep. She was wearing shorts and all I could manage was to
keep pressing my hardness to her bottom. I was suffering but I still had to keep my cool out of respect.
I would not do anything without her permission or consent even though she is my lawful wife.

Thank God I called in the meeting with Mr. Kane. This move should give me some relief. I am sure
Frieze noticed ny hardness inside my boxers. I could not control any longer. She was just close to me
and my dick was calling for her. I quickly stood up to walk to my study. I still had an hour for the
meeting. I went to the washroom of my study room though it is smaller than my bedroom's bathroom, it
was good enough to make me do my stuff.

I ran towards the washroom and quickly turned on the cold shower making me feel better. I am a virgin
myself. I never felt it hard when Dori was around. Frieze is giving me vulgar vibes...

I could already imagine her hitting me again and again if I happen to tell this right in front of her. She is
a decent girl. This is what I liked about her. She was not like girls of Dori kind who was all ready to fall
in bed without a commitment. I am old school variant. I like to fall in love and get all sexual only when
my love becomes my wife. I love to respect such women and she is one of a kind. I did not want to rob
her off her innocence. She does not even know how to kiss but I am all here to teach her everything.

This is what a husband must do and spoil her as much as I can. She is the shy types and I don't mind
her taking time out of her comfort zone to learn to be a pro if you know what I mean. After I came out of
the shower, I sat in front of ny laptop. Her face was just right in front of my eyes. The next moment I

saw an unknown number and when I heard Dori's word, I was somewhat irritated. I was worried to
some extent as she sounded drunk but I could not care less. Mr. Kane logged in and joined the
meeting. It was my time for business and I am sure Frieze will be happy doing all the interior selection
for me for the shopping center.

After we head home with our marriage certificate, I could not control. The dick in my was kicking hard.
Before she sleep again, I need to get into her. She is a new version of sleeping beauty. I just did
wanted to stay a virgin anymore nor I wanted her to stay one now that we are a legal couple. I had no
idea her moans would sound so sexy. It was driving me crazy and she was pushing me more inside her
as I was giving the pleasure of her life. I was just going crazy. It was a good idea from Simon for
reminding me of stocking condoms right next to the bed. He is my brother from another mother. He
knows me so well. I waited for almost two and a half years for this day when I would finally make her
mine and give her the right to my mind, body and soul. I am thankful to Simon for stalking the condoms
up for me in no time. It was because of me that he had to come to my house and keep the boxes in the
drawer that got him late to the bureau office. It was a secret between brothers that no one has to know.

Frieze took it well slowly and calm. I am not sure if she knew it was my first time too. I was not perfect
but I tried to do my best. With practice, any man could get perfect with it. However, the way she
moaned every time and louder it got, I could already feel how much she was pleasurized.

Well done Idri. You did not seem that bad at first attempt. How I wish I could get more of it. But, she
was already exhausted and I was too. She slept in my arms and I held her protectively. I wanted to ask
her if she liked what she saw when I just striped myself off but I was afraid she would just run away
blushing. She already complaints about my bold comments on her. I rather not make her feel awkward
and ruin our first time. We were both happy. I loved the way she hugged me like a child and slept off. I
could finally sleep in peace with love. I am already cherishing every moment of my life with Frieze.
Destiny finally brought us together and I will celebrate every moment.

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