Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 1: The Wedding

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Frieze dressed in her beautiful peach gown waited to leave the church with her husband on the limo
decorated with red roses as Frieze loved red roses. She hugged her parents and sisters with tears in
her eyes. Idri stood right next to her looking at her with an adorable smile on his face. He was finally
able to marry her after running after her for two long years. Frieze was finally his and Frieze could not
be happier than ever as she married her crush finally.

Little she realised she was already in love with him during the two years when Idri was chasing her to
accept him. She was happy to marry the man she loved. A love Marriage is what she wanted and she
finally met the man of her dreams standing right by her side. Idri greeted the elders good bye along
with his parents. Idri was based in Kiy city and had to come over to marry Frieze. For all these two
years, he was traveling from B city to Kiy city to meet Frieze. Now that they are married, she is all
ready to settle with him in a new city completely. Her parents were happy yet emotional to see the
newly wedded couple depart for the airport to catch the private plane.

With the boarding of the couple in the plane, their married life begins.......

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