Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 6: Husband Idri

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First person Idri:

I am a married man now. I have never been this happy. Well, this is the second time. The first time was
when she accepted my marriage proposal and I realised I will be her man soon. It is like a fairly tale for
me. I was pretty nervous when I fell for her and I was on high alert of not letting her know my feelings
because I didn't wanted to get rejected. She is known in the friend circle for rejecting so many guys left
and right like rejecting clothes in a shopping mall. I still decided to take a chance but take it slow. I
followed the thumb rule: If you can become a girl's best friend, rest will get easier since you are already
close. Well, I know this rule is probably the first time people will hear. This rule was set by none other
than Frieze. When I asked her what kind of a guy she is looking for just to analyse if I fit into any of her
criteria, she spoke about this particular self made thumb rule. Since then, I really knew how to win her.
Thank you for her unintended help and guidance. Hihi!

I met Frieze in Simon's wedding party. Simon is my close buddy. He runs my business with me and the
best advisor both in professional as well as personal life. He is my best friend and I really wanted to
make his wedding party one of a kind. I was already exhausted with all the arrangements and plus with
greeting the guests. But, I was just super excited to see him marry his childhood sweetheart. I wish I
found love, the true kind. This was my thought until I met Frieze. I just started getting the vibes of true
love the moment I saw her.

I know it is stupid but could not help the butterflies in my stomach that kept flying when this cute beauty
entered the hall. She wore something like a Cinderalla dress. I am not great at Women clothing. Please
don't mind me if the description sounds awkward.

She was wearing this creamy peach fluffy dress. It was till her knees and I could see her white legs
already. She tied half of her hair into a clip and the rest of the curls just dropped through her shoulders
till her hips. This reminded me of Rapunzel too. I have my five year old niece to whom I narrate these
stories because she likes them and probably that's how I remember all the Disney Princesses.

Talking about Disney Princess, this particular woman was my disney princess. I know I broke up a year
ago and this probably be a rebound love. It could also be for the sense of wild sex. Ever since I broke
up, I have been making love to myself. I know it sounds creepy.


But I really need to know this woman. I have seen beautiful women but she has the hint of cuteness
with her dimple. She has a baby face that is making her look like a sixteen year old girl.

Oh boy, I hope she is not that young. She will end up calling me an uncle once she realises I am 33
years old. I want to be her man and definitely not her uncle. She walked up to Simon on the stage who
was standing alongside his bride. I quickly walked upto the stage too after coming back to my senses
and overthinking spree.

Simon introduced her to his bride but they already knew each other well. Was I the only stranger or the
odd one out among we four standing on the stage. Nevermind!

It was finally my turn to be introduced by Simon.


She looked at me with a sweet smile and sweetly said "It is nice to meet you Idri. The arrangements
are really interesting."

She speaks so sweet and elegant. She also looks innocent from close. She is sweeter than honey for
sure. I have a feeling I will go crazy. I am already crushing on her for rebound or sex. I am really not
sure at the moment but I need to make my progress sooner or later. I greeted her back and told her to
enjoy the ambience and food being served. I was stammering. Simon gives me a naughty look. I got
busted. He knows what I am thinking. This is embarassing. I quickly made the excuse of checking out

the guests if they need anything and gave a last glance at her. I ignored everybody else on the stage. I
just want to look at her. That is all.

She was eating at a corner table. She seems to eat a lot. Her body looks fit though. She must be a
fitness freak who gets all the overly eaten food converted to energy. If that is not the case, her body
must be rejecting this extra food with a poop tank.

Oh Gosh! Did I just mention about her poop. That is the lamest thing a man would talk to a beautiful
cute woman like her. This is not even close to flirting. I am really messing things here. She looks
annoyed at me already. She can poop how much ever she wants. Why do I have to mention that. I
mean she can eat how much ever she wants. I declared her fitness freak and not a poop machine.

Oh my God!

"I will check out if the rest of the guests need anything. Please enjoy your meal." I said and walked
away from her as far as I could. She will not talk to me. In fact, she must be judging me as a weirdo.

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