Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 11: Marriage Certificate Finally

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Rose stood close to me and Teresa stood on the other side. David approached me and asked “Are you
tired already? I would say you are still lucky to have a bench to sit on. Rose did not have any and in
fact, it was not even a building like this. This particular place was just a small wooden house thirty-five
years ago.”

Rose giggled and added “I was so mad at David for no reason. I was too young to have patience. I feel
nostalgic coming here. I remember my old times as I see Idri now running. You father in law ran too in a
similar way from person to person to get all the formalities done.”

Simon interrupted to ask about Idri “Where is Idri? I offered him help but this guy is just too stubborn to
seek help. I will go look for him. You all can wait for us here.”

They all sat in the bench. David walked to the juice counter and brought some juice bottles for all of us.
He is a family man for sure.

After a few minutes later, I asked David and Rose “Are you both tired? It must have been a real rush
today morning. I am sorry for the inconvenience.”

David was quick to reply, “Do not worry. We have anyways celebrated our honeymoon in B city. It was
relaxing and a good stress buster from the hectic wedding spree.”

Oh My Goodness. David is too direct to speak. My cheeks are red hearing what he said.

Rose stopped him midway, “David is David. He just says whatever he has to speak. Do not embarrass
me David in front of young women here.” I just smiled at them and looked here and there just to avoid
the awkward scenario. I could already see Rose and David kissing. Idri and I are pretty decent I would
say. I have a feeling I will get spoilt if I see such intimate scenes right in front of my eyes. Teresa was
busy drinking her juice and stalking people in social media. She was out of this world and did not even
care what just happened. I am stuck sitting here awkward. Did they stop kissing already?

Phew! What a relief. Where is Idri now… I wondered.

Right then, Simon and Idri walks up to us. Hugs Rose and David and greets Teresa. Simon stood next
to Teresa and rested his hand on her shoulder.

Simon turned to Teresa “Did you miss me?”

Rose sent an evil smile across Simon and Teresa pouted at Simon indirectly demanding a kiss. Idri
called my name and spoke “We need to get the signatures done. Shall we go inside love?”


Is this my day of awkwardness? Why is everyone so cheesy and bold. Everyone is a head over heels
love machine. I am having the tendency to be the same. I mean I am afraid I will become shameless
too. No offense.

Idri held my hand and walked me inside the office while the two other romantic couples followed us. We
signed the papers and the certificate was ready in no time. David and Rose signed as the parents.
Teresa and Simon signed as witness to this marriage. My parents could not travel to Kay city as
mommy has not been doing well with her cardiovascular condition. Doctor strictly asked her to rest as
much as possible at least for a certain period of time. Hence, even for the marriage arrangements, I
was taking care of everything along with Idri. I did not want to pressurize them for any wedding related
activities. However, I did keep them informed about every advancement and even took suggestions for
my wedding dress and decorations. The wedding planner was called in at home since mommy had to
be home so that she can choose a theme along with daddy for the wedding. I did not ask daddy for
opinion on my wedding gown as I never liked his choice and even my mommy never did. Someone
truly said that men do not really have a good taste to women dresses. Idri too have no sense of women
dress. So, I could only turn to Rose and my mommy. Rose gave the full choice making to my mommy
as I was rightfully hers. I called the designer too at home for my mommy to select the gown and I must

say she is beauty. She just selected the best wedding gown ever for me. Rose was also mesmerized
how the wedding gown looked at me. The choice of makeup and heels went to Rose and Teresa was of
course booked to be my bridesmaid. The men, on the other hand, were in Idri’s team. David helped him
with the guests planning while Simon took care of the payments.

The whole wedding was arranged well. Now, that we have got the marriage license and legally we are
husband-wife, it is the final activity we had to complete. We can finally go on our honeymoon. I wonder
where is he taking me. He is not saying a word about it. I hate surprises. My head aches with the word

Everyone in the office congratulated us. We finally decided to go out and celebrate at a lunch get
together. I was in a mood to eat something Chinese but never mind. I will be fine eating anything that
fills my tummy. I am super hungry after waiting for this long. We all headed to the famous restaurant,
Mr. Foody that serves cuisines from across the world. Idri booked a family table and all started
discussing over the food they would like to eat.

Why is everyone taking so much time to discuss on the food? Just order anything. All food gets mixed
in the gut anyway and nobody could recognize which dish it is getting digested inside of you. Please be
quick. I will faint out of starvation. I am getting restless. I often get such mood swings when I am
hungry. I cannot bear hunger and I do understand the pain of small poor children who are fighting
against hunger. I used to donate a part of my salary to an NGO (non-governmental organization) that is
performing charity services to help families fighting with hunger. Maybe once I start earning again, I will
resume my donation to this organization.

Food finally arrived and I was ready with a spoon, knife and fork to eat whatever I could grab on the
table. Idri knew my eating habits from the very first time he met me. We all ate silently.

I could see everyone was hungry. They are eating faster than me like the food in front of them would
vanish at any moment. They just seemed to be nice people being in public place and behaved so well
unlike me. I should learn to be calm too if not bold romantic like them.

Time to Eat!!!

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