Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 9: A Good Night Sleep

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Idri and Frieze moved to their bedroom after dinner. It was the moment of their life that they finally
married their true love. Not everyone is lucky to marry the person they love. Idri made sure he does but
he did it in a slow pace. They removed all the roses and chocolates from the bed, cleared all the mess
of clothes around them. They did not realize that they were so hungry that they threw everything
around the room the moment they entered the first time they entered. They both cuddled each other to
bed and kissed passionately. He had an important meeting to attend with an American client so he
could not stay longer with her while she was sound asleep. He kissed her hands and walked out of the
room to his study room. As he waited to join the meeting, he received a call from a mysterious
unknown number. There were eleven miscalls from that number and he did not even get time to glance
at his phone. He called back to the number just to find a drunk Dori talking on the phone.

Before Idri could hung up, Dori started speaking “Hello, my love. I heard you got married? What did you
see in her that you ignore me and left me all alone? I was always with you but I know you ignored me
for her. You are a scoundrel. You ditched me and now I know why you never had time for me.”

Idri replied to her “What I had for you was not love but attraction. What I have for her is pure love and
not attraction. Good Night.”

He hung up without hearing anything from her and blocked the number. He wondered where she was
and why was she so drunk. He was concerned about her safety but as the meeting time splashed on
the screen, he simply decided to let go worrying about her. “I am a married man now and nothing from
the past can come between me and my beloved wife.” He said to himself.

He confidently switched on his laptop camera and joined the meeting. Still in shorts, he remembered
Frieze’s face with that shocked expression at the dining hall and started to laugh.

“Mr. Idri, why are you laughing. Is there something wrong?”

Idri cleared his throat, “Nothing Mr. Kane. I just remembered a joke. Anyways, how have you been? I
am sorry I had to delay the discussions for the project for quite some time due to my wedding.”

“Congratulations. I can understand. The wedding time is the most special time for every couple and the
wedding night too for every man.” He smirked at him.

Mr. Kane was of his father’s age and hearing this statement from an elderly person, he blushed and Mr.
Kane could see it on his face. Just to avoid the awkward situation, Idri again cleared his throat for the
second time and decided to get to business so that he could go back quickly to his bedroom. He was
proposing to start a new investment plan by opening a new shopping center in the heart of the city. This
would help him give a free platform to market his electronic goods and services that his company
provides. He had this plan from a long time but he chose his wedding as his priority. He was afraid that
before he proposes her, she would already be engaged to someone as she was a sweetheart that any
guy would dream of. To top it all, Frieze had plans to go abroad which he did not wanted. She wanted
to start working overseas and this would mean he could rarely meet her. He promised her to give her a
life of freedom although she will be married and she can continue to aspire for a better career but
requested her to not go far away from him. The shopping center would be in her name as a gift from his
side. Therefore, he was particular about finalizing the business operations and plans after the wedding
ceremonies. Frieze although not an interior designer, she always wanted to design a house. The entire
renovation of Idri’s house was done as per Frieze’s ideas and so, he would do the same for the
upcoming shopping center too.

By the time the meeting was over, it was already dawn. He is tired and sleepy. He dragged himself to
the bed and slept. He pulled Frieze closer who was sound asleep. A last look at her and he dug his
head into her breast giving her a small kiss in her neck. Frieze was alert and awake. She smiled at him,
gave him a kiss on his lips and hugged him indicating him to sleep. They were sound asleep in each
other’s arms until afternoon.

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