Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 8: Finally, Married

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We dated only for five months until we got married. Today, frieze as my wife sits right next to me having
dinner. I call it a wedding date. She is shy and calm. I know she is just trying to analyze her life all this
time. She must be feeling the changes that came about in these two and a half years. I am so lucky to
have her. Her pink lips are the cutest I have ever seen. She is a cute doll and I am glad she is mine. I
will be the best husband for her and fulfill all her wishes. I could never let go of the smile that I go crazy
about. She is eating less today. She must be conscious about me staring at her. She looks so beautiful
and my life is already heavenly. I still cannot believe I married the girl of my dreams. We will make a
good life together.

I wanted to give her some privacy in our new bedroom and therefore, I went ahead to take a shower in
the guest room. I did remember to pick a few clothes on my way to the guest room but I forgot to take a
pair of track pants or even a normal pant for that matter. The only thing I carried was an underwear that
was pretty sticking to my body and the t-shirt was extremely loose. At least it covered my hard wood
log under the boxers. By the time I returned to our bedroom to grab a track pant, Frieze already closed
the door from behind and must have entered the bathroom already. Probably that is why she did not
hear me knocking at the door. I blame her to show up this way in front of Mrs. Brook. I am fine in front
of Frieze since she has already seen me and my everything. She must be really getting the awkward
vibes from me as I am all ready to pull her into the bed and make love with her all night. I am not being
a pervert. I am just being a romantic husband here trying to make his wife happy.

By tomorrow, we will be receiving our marriage certificate and all the legal procedures will be over. The
hectic period will be finally over. A wedding is tiresome. So many arrangements and not just that, it is
the time where your management skills are actually tested. From guests to decorations, from food to
clothing, from venue till the time when you can actually be at home wearing just boxers in front of your
wife, this is a hectic journey. I am free and can finally rest. I was particular about taking the
responsibilities of the whole wedding as I am really bad at trusting people especially when it comes to
something important exclusively related to me. In fact, the only person with whom I shared all the

whereabouts about the wedding plans is with Frieze. Simon was always there practically and his wife
indeed helped Frieze out with all her makeup, clothing and she was her bridesmaid.

Teressa and Simon were neighbors as kids until Simon’s family moved to Kiy City. They did not study in
the same school though. Simon was in Frieze’s school. They were actually classmates for as long as
thirteen years. How did Simon did not fall for her after knowing her for so long? Well I am glad he did
not. She is meant to be with me.

Overconfidence at its powerful Zenith point!

Frieze knew Teressa as Simon’s girlfriend back there in school. In fact, she was helping him send a few
gifts to Teressa on Simon’s behalf including love letters. Her parents are pretty strict and she could not
mention about having a boyfriend while she was in school. Her parents were against puppy love as
they always refer to it that way. I have been single most of my life until my ex-girlfriend got me drunk
and proposed me. I thought to give her a chance. She was a pretty woman but she even loved my
money. After I became a successful entrepreneur, she kept pestering me in my neighborhood. In fact,
she even rented a house near my apartment and kept coming to my dwelling with all sorts of delicious
food. Her name was Dorisa and I called her Dor. She was tall but a few inches shorter than me. She
had a look of a matured woman and not like Frieze. Frieze has an attractive baby face and that really
makes her look innocent but much prettier unlike Dori who was always full of makeup. To top it all, I
never saw Dori without makeup. I remember taking her with me for a three-days business trip and we
were in the same room together. She even slept with complete makeup during those nights. I was too
engrossed with my meetings and little irritated with her attention seeking behavior.

She was stubborn to come with me to this trip but I could not promise her about giving her time during
these three days. She agreed to it and took her along with me. I even gave her a credit card to keep
herself busy with shopping. She kept bothering me a lot like taking away my laptop while I was
preparing the cost-data. I was frustrated. The fact was she was this clingy all the time really made me
angry at her and kept me away from her. She was annoyed that I did not pay much heed to her in the

trip. I mentioned her already before the trip that I would not have time. She never learnt to give me my
personal space. After the trip, we did not talk much. I got busier with the meetings as we tried to scale
up and open a new company branch in B city. It was destined for me to come to B city where I met my

Dori just texted me while I landed it B city saying “I am dumping you. I am not important to you but all
you care about is business. We are over.”

I had no time for her drama. I knew this was just a trick and expected me to run back to her. I just
cannot. If this business in this city does not happen, I may lose millions. I was irritated and I have
tolerated her drama enough in this one year. I cannot do it any longer. I replied her ‘Okay’ and that is
how we broke up. She moved to another city about which I have no idea to pursue a career in fashion
designing. This is the only information I found out after I returned but I really did not want to be with her.
It was more like a formality as she was my girlfriend and had to do all the boyfriend duties. But, it was
enough. I was not happy. I wanted someone to respect my personal space and she was just not that
kind of a woman. I felt so free and relaxed after she walked out my life to be honest. Frieze is my life
and she is the one I want to concentrate on, for the rest of my life.

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