Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 7: Husband Idri Contd

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Hard work always pays is my motto in life. I did work pretty hard to gain her trust and probably a good
opinion. I sent her a friend request in Facebook and apologized for being creepy at the party the other
day. I was glad she took it like a sport and accepted my apology. She was laughing too and I am sure
she indeed judged me as a weirdo. Then, as usual, I pinged her in Messenger and we started talking. I
felt like a college student at that moment trying to know this girl and communicating with her often so
that she remembers me. Well, I did happen to ask Simon about her after a few weeks once he was
back from honeymoon. His wife gave me better details than Simon since he was too busy teasing me
with that ugly smirk of his.

As few months past, Frieze and I became quite close friends talking about life. You know when you
start talking about life and your personal struggles, you know that you have already won her trust. This
is exactly what I wanted and the best part was by next year she already started to call me her bestie. I
did have to fly from city to city and could not meet her at least a week but I did keep the conversation
always flowing over text or call. I was getting attached to her and the fact that she understands my
thoughts well really helped me I coping up with telling her my opinion on several things. I think the ‘take
it slow’ is working wonders for me. I have never been this patient with a girl while the girl is freaking
clueless about my intentions towards her. I am at that stage of our friendship now that even if she does
not accept me as her husband, I will still be the friend in need always.


Did I mention ‘husband’?

Am I really this serious about her? I mean I know her since more than a year now but I am still not sure
if I can see her as a life partner. I am glad we both are friends.

We both share a lot of things with each other and yes, every time there is a holiday planned with Simon
and Teressa (his wife if I didn’t mention before), Frieze joins in along with me. I am glad that Simon is

actually helping me spend time with her to know her well and kicks me out of my busy schedule at
work. It is not easy to run a business especially when you are a giant in the IT industry.

5 months before the wedding:

Frieze and I have been friends since two years now already. I decided to take the next move of asking
her out as a date and not as a friend anymore. I had butterflies in my stomach. I did break up three
years back and I was sure by now that it was not a rebound. I am in love with this cute tiny woman. She
makes me laugh even during the stressful times. She makes me do all types of kiddo activities that I
never thought I would do at 35 years of age. You heard it right. I am turning 35 years tomorrow and it is
high time I get settled. The only person I want to settle with is this woman-child. She makes me feel
young when she is around me. I can talk things out with her like I never did even with my ex-girlfriend.
My ex-girlfriend was never so close to me and maybe that is the reason why I was able to move on
pretty quick. I would not like to see her again anyway. I am looking forward to a life with Frieze now and
I want to cherish every moment with her all my life.

I threw a party with a few friends. I didn’t want a crowd since Frieze does not like crowded places and I
wanted least people to actually able to spend time with her. Even grab an opportunity to propose her.
The teen in me is kicking in. I was very nervous at the party. But at the same time I knew I had to do
this. It was fine if she rejected me at the moment. I can still wait for her until the day she finally accepts
me. I took her to the balcony where there was no one. She wore a black bodycon dress and I have
been already giving murderous looks to any man who were checking her out. She is just mine and I so
know it for sure. At the balcony, she was all smiling and happy. She was teasing me as the birthday kid.
The kid in me was reborn the moment she entered my life and it just makes life so joyful than ever.

The intense and life changing moment was finally here. I spoke my heart out with expecting eyes. I was
trying not to be an imposter but I would be sad to hear the sentences leading to a rejection from her
mouth though. She started laughing the moment I was done speaking in a single breath. I wonder if I
was being the same weirdo as I was when I met her two years ago for the first time. I don’t want to

remember that scene at all. I would very well erase and redo the same scene in an upgraded
handsome style.

Arghhh! Nevermind!! Still waiting for her reply and she is just staring at me and smiling. I cannot read
her mind for the first time in these two years. I am feeling dizzy already. Her silence is too much for me
to tolerate. I am growing impatient and cannot wait any longer.

I asked her after a pause “would you like to reply me please. I am going crazy like it is an interview and
all am waiting is for being accepted as the husband of yours. Am I speaking so much. I should stop
overtalking I understand….”

Just at that instant, she moved forward and kissed me on my lips. The feeling at the moment was
something I never felt before. She is a bad kisser but I was happy that I can help her get some
experience there. The soft warm lips on mine created magic. I was shivering in my legs but I grabbed
her quickly from the waist and wanted to taste her even more. It was a long wait for this. She finally
accepted me as her boyfriend. I don’t want to stay a boyfriend for long but marry her quickly as early as
I could.

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