Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 5: Freedom 2

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First Person Frieze continued...

Coming back to my present day as a wife of Idri. He is funny and cute. This is one personality I always
wanted in my man. I don't mind with his super excessive farting scenes and even gis snoring. He is a
hard working man. I really love him and I will not stop his smile from going away. It is my promise to
him. I will fulfill every wish I can that is within my realm of possibility. Ever since I landed to this house, I
already feel less of an alien. The cook, Brook seems to be very skilled at her work. Goodness, I am
lucky that I don't have to cook. I never really cooked but only ate lik really lots.

I sat on the table where lunch was served and Idri just came down in a pair of shorts that was so tight. I
could already see what is hard inside. So embarassing. At least the t-shirt is long enough to cover it
and Brook is in her 50s. She won't notice it hopefully. I signalled him at his shorts just to tell him about
his inappropriate clothing. He just smirked at me.

Meanwhile there I was wearing a funky tee with pyjamas. I look cute. He looks like a sex machine. I
hate saying that for my husband but that's what he is at the moment. Brook just entered with an ABC
juice which is basically composed of apple, beetroot and carrot and handed both of us one glass each

"This will give you good energy on your wedding night."

What!!! Why is everyone in his house so bold including Idri. Does everyone think of only one thing in
his house? I am embarrassed and shy. My cheeks turned red instantly and Idri smirked at me. He
gestured me to start eating and even poured some rice onto my plate with that wicked smile never
going out of his face. Brook giggled and left the room. Am I talking to much to the inner me? Nevermind
again again. I am just nervous. My life is changing.

"Bon Appetite" Idri whispered in my ears. That was seductress. He is in a weirdo mood today. He just
got even more romantic. He planted a kiss on my forehead and started to eat his food. Aww...he makes
my heart beat faster than ever.

I am going to stop talking to myself and eat now!

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