Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 4: Freedom

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First Person Frieze

I am finally in a home away from home. Idri's house seems to have more warmth and love than my own
parents house. My parents are wealthy and had a good home but I always felt like they were just too
imposing. I never had the freedom but ended up breaking rules to earn my freedom. I never liked it.
However, Idri was able to let me be just me. He helped me seek freedom and definitely does not mind
all the things I do. He just wants to see me happy and yes of course, I will be taking his advices if at all
I feel I need it.

Am not that spoilt by the way.

As I entered the house, everything was already set. The whole house was beautifully decorated with
roses and other flowers if different kind. I know only roses and when it comes to the names of other
flowers, I am an illiterate. My brain never processed flower names. Duh...

Idri is sweet to me. We were introduced by our common friend who happened to be his colleague and
my school friend. We didn't meet on a date but in our common friend, Simon's wedding party. Idri was
taking care of the guests on behalf of Simon's family like a brother. I liked it. Very few people turn out to
be this true and provide good help. I was fascinated by his kind nature.

May be attraction. I don't know. A guy like him can't be single anyway. He is rich, handsome, humble,
gentleman like and I can go on. So, I just played it cool and controlled myself not to crush on him. I feel
so stupid like I really behaved like a teenage girl back then. Nevermind!!

Idri was attending to all his guests making sure everyone was happy and stomach full. I eat a lot and
maybe the way he looked at me surprised with the amount of food I was eating, I am sure he guessed
am a fitness freak and I still don't gain weight. It was awkward.

I stopped eating and I turned to him to ask "Is there a problem? You have been staring at my plate and
me for quite sometime now. It is giving me awkward vibes."

He started laughing in an instant with his dimples Oh My My!!!

Control Frieze. Keep your mind out of it. Damn it!

After laughing, he finally spoke "I am shocked with the amount of food you eat. Where does it go? Into
your muscles? Nay Nay. I just don't think so. You must be pooping a lot then. Now I know where does
it. Haha"

Saying this, he just walked away laughing.

What!!!! What did he just tell me? That's the most gross thing ever said to me by any cute guy. He is
dirty. I thought he was a gentleman and so not anymore with a stranger woman. We have been just
introduced an hour ago and he already started to talk nonsense. I didn't feel like eating anymore.

This is how I met my husband. Not a great meeting but a gross one. Nevermind again!

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