Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 3: A New Home

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Frieze was happy that she has a home that she can finally call hers. It was her husband's home but
she was the Hostess of the manor. She loved the luxury around her. She never thought she would be
living a rich life. She belongs to a middle class family and hoped to live a middle class life. But, things
have changed.

The decor of the room was changed from manly look (as Idri stayed alone before marrying her) to a
more pleasant family house look. All the posters in his room of superheroes were also changed to
picture frames of Frieze and him posing together. They were welcomed by an older lady in her 50s who
has been the most trusted caretaker of the family. She welcomed both with a broad smile and
instructed the driver to send the luggage upstairs to their room.

It was already time for dinner but they decided to change their clothes to something comfortable before
heading for dinner. The lady, Viona showed her way to the room and Idri thanked her and followed his
wife. She was impressed by all the decorations in their bedroom and felt emotional seeing all the
photographs of them together. Idri's parents rooms are downstairs near the hall. They would be
traveling back to Kiy city the following day as same day traveling was too tiring for the old parents. So
they decided to stay back at the hotel and enjoy some moments together.

As she was busy admiring the photos, Idri hugged her from the back. He gently kissed on her neck one
after the other. Frieze turned towards him and insisted on taking a shower first.

"I am super hungry husband."

"I am hungry to at this moment my wife."

Hearing this, her cheeks flushed red. She avoided eye contact but Idri held her waist tighter pulling her
towards his chest. Frieze gave a pleasing look and spoke still blushing but eyes flattering "Let me take
a shower, this gown is making me feel uneasy. I want to wear something comfortable. Pleaasee.."

Idri very well knew her drama but let go of her. He nodded and pointed towards the cupboard that had
some new clothes for her to wear. She walked towards it to see brand new clothes including lingerie.
She felt awkward realising that even though she didn't sleep with him ever still he knew his size pretty

Idri knew what she was thinking. He sat on the sofa and stared at her with a smirk. She ignored the
glare and quickly ran to the bathroom to take a shower. Idri on the other hand went to the guest room to
freshen himself up.

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