Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter 2: A New Journey

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After 5 hours, the plane finally landed at the Kiy City Airport. Frieze looked around with a tired
expression but felt a little nervous. This was her life now in this city. She is married to one of the most
successful Software Engineer who has been able to set up his own Software firm at the age of 30. His
firm, Softectonic has become one of the best technology companies in Kiy City with a Handsome CEO,
Idri that every girl admired.

Frieze feels like it to be a fairytale where she met and married a prince charming. As all the luggage
were pulled out of the flight, a Landover stopped right in front of the couple. Idri signalled to the driver
to put all the luggage behind and he opened the door for Frieze. Frieze sent off a flying kiss and teased
him with a smirk "You seem to have started your husband duties already."

Idri giggled with his face glowing and spoke "Yes, my wifey. You need to start getting used to all my
love in every way." He winked at her. She blushed immediately and just to avoid eye contact, she
quickly jumped into the car still with her cheeks red. Idri got into the car after her and giggling as he
saw her blushing after the cheesy episode a while back.

Frieze was an MBA in human resource management. She was hoping to join a good company to stay
occupied rather than staying at home all the time. She likes to stay busy and stay finally independent.
She knows her husband is rich but all she wants from him is love and not money. She was offered a job
in her husband's firm in the HR department. However, she refused just to avoid gossip and she loves to
maintain a professional stance at work. She clearly believes in keeping her personal and professional
life demarcated. If she worked in her husband's company, she is sure to receive partial treatment and
all perks for being the CEO's wife. However, she always preferred to make an identity of her own.
Therefore, she decided to work in another company no matter how much time it took for her to land on
a good job.

As the car started, Idri held her hand all the time. Her hands sweat and he wipes her palms with his
handkerchief. Idri looked at her and asked "So, how do you feel married woman?"

Frieze smirked and questioned back "Did you mean how I feel being married to you?"

Idri understood that it was a taunt. He giggled again. "So the answer Ma'am?"

He gave a hopeful look eagerly waiting for her reply. With a pause, she replied "It is an eerie feeling.
My life is going to change. I am in a completely new city. I don't know how my future will be. When I
was single, I decided my life how it should be. Now that am married, every decision directly or indirectly
will be related to you. I want to be happy and keep you happy too. Hope we stay happy always. I am
excited live the life as your wife. I just got luck shining on me."

A tear drop fell across her cheek. He was quick to see it and wiped it immediately. He took her into his
arms and hugged her tight. Then after a while he said funnily "I may be stinking since am wearing my
suit since morning. You must get used to my stinky smell too since you are my wife. It will be your first
wife duty."

Hearing this, Frieze laughed and sent a fist across his arm. He was quick to dodge it. Finally they were
home. Frieze finally entered her husband's home as his newly wedded

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