Novel Name : You Are Still My Wife!

Chapter Final Chapter The Inauguration

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One year later….

Frieze finally completed her first project in the company. It has been a year already and Idri and his
entire family waits at the entrance of the shopping center to inaugurate it for the public. All media
reporters stand slightly away from the entrance and the whole crowd is being controlled by the
bodyguards. As she speaks to one of the reporters, she gives the construction credits to Mr. Kane. “I
would like to thank Mr. Kane for initiating the preliminary as well as the main phase of the project. I tried
to be as efficient as him and wherever you are, I pray that you are happy and in good health. Thank

Idri stands at the center with his family taking all the pictures. Teresa and Simon hold one twin child
each and waves at the reporters too. As Frieze was about to cut the ribbon, she pout at Idri signaling
him to kiss her. She was expecting a peck kiss on her lips but instead, he grabs her by her waist and
kisses her passionately not leaving her. He sticks out his tongue into her mouth and this time Rose
fakes a cough, “I thought I came to see the shopping center but I could see porn instead.” Frieze
quickly jumps off and Idri releases her in an instant after hearing his mother’s taunt. She sticks out her
tongue in embarrassment while Idri looks nervous. The smile on his face is never to have seen before.
He is so happy. Frieze calls in David and Rose and her parents who stand next to them to hold the
scissor and cut the ribbon. They feel blessed at this gesture and while Idri’s parents cut one ribbon
while Frieze’s parents cut the other one. They give a final look at the people outside the mall and they
enter the big entrance of the mall. A few reporters who booked an appointment successfully were
allowed to enter to take picture of the interiors as well as of their family with the promise of not
hindering their privacy and no questions allowed. Alex and Peter also enter the mall who were
responsible for all the decorations for this day where the success of Frieze is finally brought to the
world. On one side, a golden board is sealed to the wall that says, “A Big Thank You to Mr. Kane for
your service to the family all these years. You have been a loyal employee, a great assistant and a
forever friend.”

Mr. Kane on the other side is watching live in his cozy mansion with his second wife in his arms.
Though he has gone low key, he is emotional for the thank you they have sent across through media.
He feels nostalgic but the happiest seeing his both sons quarrel while they play merry. His wife in his
arms and away from the hustle bustle is the best retirement life that he ever wishes for and he fulfilled it
though much earlier. But he has no regrets. He and his family is secure for the rest of their life.

As a final picture, Alex and Peter stand next to Frieze showing off their engagement ring towards the
camera. Simon and Teresa hold the twins with difficulty who are already super active babies and
screaming at the lights around them. David and Rose and Frieze’s parents stand next to each other
holding hands. Frieze and Idri bend down in front of the entire group holding each other in arms for a
group photo. They picture looked like a perfect family picture and it flashed right on the front page of
every newspaper in the city.

A year later…

Idri is shouting while he ties his son’s shoe lace “Frieze, your son is just like you. Hot Chili Pepper kid.
Gets angry really quick. Gosh!!!!”

The End!!!!!!!

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